Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Months

I will do this post tonight, or so help me!

Ash at six months...

The first week into this month, Ash rolled from front to back.  Just once and never again.  He hasn't rolled from back to front, since he did it the month before either.  He did it and now he's over it.

Every time I think his sleeping can't get worse, it does.  Pretty much he is the perfect storm.  He won't take a binky or a bottle.  He is a super light sleeper.  He wakes up to any sound, which is hard, because Bear works nights, we are in a small apartment and Ash doesn't have his own room.  I'm pretty sure he is either a milk addict, or a mom addict.  Flattering yes, restful no

He celebrated Star Wars Day "May The Fourth" by being the most adorable baby in the galaxy.

Seriously... They do not come cuter than this people.  It almost makes up for the lack of sleep... almost.

He was part of the best Mother's Day present ever.

He is a lover of gravity.  If you sit him up, he plops to whatever side is slightly lower.  If you try and stand him on his feet, he just limp noodles to the ground, or tucks his feet up, so they won't touch the ground.  If you put him on his tummy, he lays his head down and complains.  He is a super strong baby, with absolutely no interest in change.

Just like his brother before him, he is awestruck into a complete trance whenever the tv is on.  That is pretty much the only thing that will tempt him to halfway roll over.

Ash loves to laugh and nothing is funnier to him than his brother.  He giggles at any face River makes.  If River even looks his way, he lights up and starts to laugh.  This works out great, since River loves to make people laugh.

He loves to pull my hair and has a special talent for getting at the tender ones on the nape of my neck.  It literally makes him squeal with delight.

He has reached for solid foods here and there, but is not interested in it the way River was.  He was happy to get his little fingers into some fresh cream I had on my plate.  I told him, now that he had that, baby food was going to be a huge disappointment.

He has thunder thighs, a super long torso, dimples above his lip and one hair on the top of his head that has started to curl.

At his six month wellness visit he weighed 19.2 lbs and was 28 1/2 inches long.  That puts him in the 75 percentile for weight and the 98th percentile for height and he was called by the doctor-"The most strapping lad I've seen in a long while."

He is a super vocal baby and has quite the spectrum of coos.  Some of my favorites are when he is complaining.  They are low and grumbly and make me think of a grumpy old man.

Ash loves our kitty and by love, I mean he wants to grab a hold of that fur so bad.

He melted my heart when he signed milk for the first time.  Yes, I get annoyed with how much I have to nurse him, but it is hard to turn him down now that he looks me in the eye and does the sign over and over again.  Sign language is such a fun way to communicate with babies.

His eyes are still blue, but they are filling with pigment.  I think I spoke too soon, when I said I thought they were going to stay blue.  Sigh... but it will be interesting to see what color they end up being.

I love this boy with my whole heart.  I have literally banged my head on the wall in frustration, while trying to soothe him to sleep, but this boy is a lover, I tell you and as you can see, he has me in the palm of his hand.

Oooops... forgot to add a picture of River at six months for comparison.  Here's my cutie pie.

Well... see you in a week, when Ash is seven months.