Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twelve Big Ones

You know you're up too late doing a post when you stare at the world twelve for ten minutes wondering if it is a real word.  I am determined to do this post tonight, since I am leaving to KC tomorrow and I don't want to have unfinished business hanging over my head while I'm on vacay.  Twelve... almost like elve... but not quite.  Focus!

I'm in denial.  Baby Ash, my Ashy Pants, my sweet little Ashy Boy is one year old.  Twelve months have sped by.  It went by in a flash people.  I blinked and this happened...


So Ashy's 12 month photo is kind of funny, mostly because I didn't have a lot to choose from.  By the twelth photo shoot he was so over it and I got about five pictures taken, before this happened...

He ripped off the number and the photo shoot was no more.  It's okay, because I love the double chin and to be honest, I was over this photo shooting business too.  I need a class, a mentor, or a magician and then I'll be back in business.  Lest you should think it's only me he doesn't cooperate for, I offer you this gem for proof I am not alone...

He kills me.  Now without further adieu, I present Ash Phoenix Bear at 12 months...

We didn't have any walking, furniture cruising, or even pulling himself up to standing in his crib, but by golly, after a year of fussiness that I attributed to teething, we were not going to hit 12 months without some darn teeth.  His two bottoms cut through a week before he turned the big ONE!

We gave up figuring out his eye color and just call it Hazel.  It changes all the time, but Hazel is kind of a catch-all.

He is a master scoocher and of course the first time he didn't stay where I set him down, he scooched  right on over to the litterbox.

His favorite pass time right now is to try and put lids back on things... baby food jars, medicine, my make-up... If he sees you with a lid in your hand, he demands it and the world must stand stil while he painstakingly puts it back on.  I love the focus!

My favorite thing about Ash at this age is him dive-bombing my chest for snuggles.  He doesn't lean gently in.  He just crashes right in for some lovin'.  It is the best thing.  If you're not holding him, he will scooch over to you on the floor and dive-bomb his head down on your knee for a rester.  That's a pretty close second in cuteness to the snuggles.

He will wave to everyone.  We call it his Lane Frost wave.  If you've ever seen the movie 8 seconds, you know what we're talking about.

He STILL has to nurse to sleep at night, during the night and even for naps.  I had him over it, but sickness threw that out the window and my little love bug is a feisty pitbull when it comes to me trying to break that habit again.

He only takes one nap, but it is usually for 2-3 hours and he is trying to stay up later and later at night, but hopefully I can reel him in after the vacations are over.  A typical day starts at 8:30am, nap from 1-4 and then bed between 8:30-9:30 and then one to two wake-ups during the night.  It's not ideal, but we've come a long way.

Now that he can scooch, he's into everything.  He especially loves pulling clothes out of drawers, books off of shelves and anything he can get his hands on in my purse.  Plus, we've had to pull the ol' baby gate out to block the Christmas Tree and entertainment center.  Fun times.

When daddy is holding him, he can spend an hour pointing too objects on shelves and demanding them, so he can bring them to me.  He thinks he is helping me.  I call it his chores.

Unlike River at this age, he will sit still for a book or two.

The car seat wars have begun.  He is a planker.  He screams goes straight a aboard and holds himself rigid as can be.  Right in time for winter.. Joy to the world!

He likes to point to the picture of the Velveteen Rabbit and then bounce his body in my arms like he's hopping.

He is still the world's messiest eater.  He has to have a fork or a spoon and he will try and feed you.  It takes a Master's in Patience to feed him.  Just sayin'.

Speaking of patience, he has none and if I don't nurse him quickly enough, he just lifts up my shirt and goes for the goods.  Yes, in public.

He really plays with toys right now.  He does the sound affects for cars and he will go after his brother with his two teeth and sharp claws, if his toy gets taken away.

River has always loved Ashy's baby feet.  Touching them soothes and calms him down.  So of course, Fiesty McFussButt screams his head off now if River tries to touch his feet.  It has given me the opportunity to teach River about respecting boundaries.  A common phrase in my house right now is, "If he's screaming his head off, that means no."

He celebrated his first Halloween, first as Clark Kent and then as Timmy from Shaun The Sheep.  Obviously he has a favorite.

He went to the Oquirrh Mountain, Jordan River and Bountiful temples for the first time... in one day might I add.

He came with me to vote.

And had his first chance to play in the snow...

Ashy Boy has always hated being cold, so snow was not his fave.

I could go on all night, but there isn't actually much night left and I do need some sleep before my trip tomorrow.  The number one thing that stands out  about Ash right now is he hates feeling left out.  He wants to do what we're doing, or what the big kids are doing and he wants to do it in the very split second you are doing it, so don't even think about making him wait!  What he lacks in patience, he makes up for in sweet, lovable charm.  I can stare at his beautiful face all day... if he would ever give me a break.  Happy 12 months my Ash.  We love you!

Happy First Birthday to my darling Ash Phoenix. You didn't turn out to be my "easy" baby like I planned on, but you did teach me that every child is different and amazing and what they do, or don't do, at such an early age has very little with what I do, or don't do. As a bonus, I gained an appreciation for all the things I had "easy" with River that I never knew, until you came along. I thank God every night that he trusted me with such a vibrant spirit. Without the post partum depression and anxiety I experienced with your brother, I was able to enjoy "almost" every second of this record fast year and it has helped heal me in so many ways. You pull my hair, are a terrible sleeper most nights, poop at the most inconvenient of times and yet, a simple cuddle from you has the power to take away my breath and bring tears to my eyes. Be my sweet boy forever. Promise.

Here's a quick trip down memory lane because milestones make me nostalgic.

and this...

Good Night.