Thursday, January 14, 2016


Happy New Year!  This photo was taken exactly six months ago, on July 1st 2015 and it almost didn't come to be.

We were visiting Glacier National Park with our friends, the Wiests.  Marianne Wiest isn't just our friend, but she is an amazing photographer, as well.  She had clients booked that day at Glacier and mentioned she might have time to do a 15 minute mini session before her bookings.  Of course, I jumped at the chance, but when we arrived, Glacier was having a ridiculous wind storm.  Everyone at the park kept saying they had never seen anything like it.

Nothing and I mean nothing is worse for pictures than wind.  My boys hair was short enough to be spared, but mine was out of control.  It was all over my face, in my lipgloss, sticking straight up like a rooster.  My loose, billowy shirt was being  blown around and filled up with air, giving me the ever so flattering stay puft marshmallow man effect.  The kids weren't in the mood for photos (are they ever) and we had such a limited amount of time.  I almost called it... never-mind, not worth the effort, not going to happen...but photos are pretty much my most favorite thing and you really just need one good one, right?

I'm so thankful for my stubborn streak and Marianne's skills.  I love this photo.  Is there anything better than snuggling your children and holding them tight, no matter what is going on around you? Also, it happens to be the very first photo of our family of five.  Little did we know, I was five weeks pregnant at the time.  We would find out soon after and embark on a three month journey into the black...also known as the world's worst morning sickness.  While I experienced the brunt of it, it was a trial for my whole family.  I was completely out of commission.  Food was barely happening. Activities were not happening.  The kids were bored.  Bear was exhausted from working and having to pull double duty at home.  Meanwhile, I prayed to be put into a medically induced coma and awakened after it was all over.

But.... before all that... there was this moment. The five of us all together for the first time, smiling and holding each other in the middle of a storm, right before we entered a storm of a different kind. And... here we are again... beginning a new year.  Life is probably going to get pretty wild for us and who knows what it holds for you.  I just wanted to wish everyone the best and remind you (and myself) that if you have people to hold on to, you have all you need, come what may.  Here's to 2016 my friends.  Let's do this!  Ever up and onward.