Saturday, July 12, 2014


I braved the free food day at Chick fil a... yes we dressed like cows...  It was pure chaos inside and River was having a blast sword fighting with his balloon sword with any random child that had one too.  There was one pretty aggressive little fighter in the mix that I almost asked to calm down a few times, but held off, because if River didn't mind... maybe I shouldn't mind either.  Anyway, as luck would have it, River's balloon sword popped and the balloon guy had already left.  He was heartbroken... head instantly hung low and huge crocodile tears pouring out.  The little ruffian walked right up to River and said, "Here you go... have mine." (He was five people.)  River was in shock.  He bawled tears of gratitude and said, "Mom, I can't take it.  It's too nice."  I told him nice people look for the chance to be kind and this was this boy's chance today, so say thank you and you'll have to look for your chance too.  We get in the car and Ash is throwing a fit, because he has no balloon and hates being buckled in his car seat and it is a million degrees and my boys hate the heat as much as I do.  As I am struggling with the buckle, River gets in the other side of the van and says these exact words, "Ashy, I believe this belongs to you." He then hands Ash the balloon and bursts into tears.  I start crying too and we both just hug and I tell him how proud I am of him and that he melts my heart.  Ash was happy as can be with his coveted balloon sword and my faith in humanity was restored by two little boys... a five year old stranger who was loving and giving and set a good example and my sweet, sensitive four year old that understood the gravity of the sacrifice and then wanted to pay it forward.  Okay, gushing mom moment over... you can continue about your day.