Monday, March 29, 2010

We Do Lunch

So I'll admit, at this point in our lives, River and I don't do to much. Eating, changing, smiling, spitting up and nap attempts pretty much rule the day. Notice how I blocked out crying. However, every now and then, we decide to brave the big, bad world and do something crazy... like a lunch date with friends. Please try and hold back the gasps. It's a big step for us. Our friend Jordan (pink shirt) hosted a group lunch date for the mommies in the neighborhood. It felt really good to get out of my house with River and be around some other moms, even though they can all make yummy food, except for me and they all manage to put on make-up, except for me and the list goes on, but a still small voice in my head just told me "Thou shalt not compare" is the 11th commandment, so I'll stop this run on sentence now, before River asks for a refund.

Look out world... it's raining cute baby boys.

I had to share this picture. Jordan's baby Brandtsen is a month younger than River, but you wouldn't know it by the feet size. They are gigantic. Watch out Shaquille O'Neil. By the way, I stole these pictures off of Jordan's blog, because you guessed it... all the other moms remembered their cameras, except for me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

For Pops!

Our little bruiser didn't want to wear a shirt to the party.

Sofia and River weren't to big on their jungle hats.

Try keeping socks on this boy. I dare you.

Ready to run.

Happy birthday to my dear old dad! He turned 60 yesterday. I told him it feels like yesterday we were mocking him with Sally O'Malley's... I'm fifty! Fifty years old! Where have the last ten years gone? My dad has managed to survive many an interesting experience with things such as tar pits and rolled vehicles to make it this far and I'm sure glad he has. I love him and whether his jokes are funny or not, it's always funny watching him laugh at his own jokes. (Mostly his jokes are funny though.) We couldn't be in Kansas City to celebrate with him, but we did score some birthday cake. Our friend Sofia celebrated her first birthday and as a present to my dad, I have pictures of River at the party. (I know... big spender.)
Do you ever have those days where you put your kids to bed and they wake up and look ten times older? That's how yesterday was for me. River looks like he's ready for kindergarten in some of these pictures.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make It Quick

The Little Man is asleep and since he's not to big on the whole sleep thing, I shant be wasting this opportunity to get a few zzzzs. Today was inadvertently my first day back to work. Another employee needed me to cover her shift and I agreed. Dive right in is what I say... unless the water is really cold... then slowly inch in and torture yourself bit by bit.
It was a nice, short shift to start with and except for when my milk came in halfway through, I was able to give my mind a River break. It was well needed. Okay, I'll confess... I thought about him more than just when my milk came in, but I managed to only call home once and I didn't cry at all.
I would write more, but my brain is seriously dead lately. All wit has been drained out of me, along with my memory and attention span. Hopefully they will return one day, until then.... pictures must suffice.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Firsts for the First

I took River to church for the first time. I wasn't planning on it, but made a last second decision when he would not go down for a nap. I didn't want to wake Bear up and I decided River could handle Sacrament meeting. I made it just in time for the water... this is the third week in a row. Although I was bummed I missed taking the Sacrament again, I was extremely pleased with how well River did. He made it halfway through the first talk just kicking it on my lap, needed to nurse in the mother's lounge through the last half of the first talk and then slept in my arms through the last talk. Success!

When we got home from church, his dad could not get over how respectable River looked in his little tie onesie. Thanks goodness for hand me downs. Now I just need to get one of them in every size.

Another first... we've been trying to transition River to his crib one nap at a time. He usually falls asleep for 30 minutes and then wakes up scared and screaming. He won't go back down and we let him finish his nap in his swing. Well... last night we put him down in his crib at 10:00pm, completely expecting him to wake up in 30 minutes and he slept in there till 4:00 am. Scary. I wasn't ready for him to be by himself at night. I stayed up till one waiting for him. Finally, I went to sleep worrying my head off. Good thing Bear stayed awake until he woke up. One day we'll get this whole sleep thing down.

This isn't a first, but just a reminder most babies are not a fan of their car seat unless it is on the move. Don't buy one that is hard to buckle. River's squirming makes buckling him in an Olympic event.

And last but not least... Proof of River's grumpy, menacing look when I finally get him to nap. Tell me he's not plotting against me.