Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make It Quick

The Little Man is asleep and since he's not to big on the whole sleep thing, I shant be wasting this opportunity to get a few zzzzs. Today was inadvertently my first day back to work. Another employee needed me to cover her shift and I agreed. Dive right in is what I say... unless the water is really cold... then slowly inch in and torture yourself bit by bit.
It was a nice, short shift to start with and except for when my milk came in halfway through, I was able to give my mind a River break. It was well needed. Okay, I'll confess... I thought about him more than just when my milk came in, but I managed to only call home once and I didn't cry at all.
I would write more, but my brain is seriously dead lately. All wit has been drained out of me, along with my memory and attention span. Hopefully they will return one day, until then.... pictures must suffice.


Kevin Doyle said...

Beautiful baby.

Sorry you're so drained. I'm sure your other friends who are mothers will advise. I'm sure there is a break coming very soon.

IrisLillie said...

I hated my milk randomly coming in when I was away from you...

It would be triggered by nothing at all.. Hearing a baby whimper (didn't even have to be a cry)

Looking a a cut baby outfit at the store.

A new report of some tragedy.. there was no telling what could set it off... and once started.. it was a bear (no pun intended) to stop the flow...