Monday, March 29, 2010

We Do Lunch

So I'll admit, at this point in our lives, River and I don't do to much. Eating, changing, smiling, spitting up and nap attempts pretty much rule the day. Notice how I blocked out crying. However, every now and then, we decide to brave the big, bad world and do something crazy... like a lunch date with friends. Please try and hold back the gasps. It's a big step for us. Our friend Jordan (pink shirt) hosted a group lunch date for the mommies in the neighborhood. It felt really good to get out of my house with River and be around some other moms, even though they can all make yummy food, except for me and they all manage to put on make-up, except for me and the list goes on, but a still small voice in my head just told me "Thou shalt not compare" is the 11th commandment, so I'll stop this run on sentence now, before River asks for a refund.

Look out world... it's raining cute baby boys.

I had to share this picture. Jordan's baby Brandtsen is a month younger than River, but you wouldn't know it by the feet size. They are gigantic. Watch out Shaquille O'Neil. By the way, I stole these pictures off of Jordan's blog, because you guessed it... all the other moms remembered their cameras, except for me.


Jordan Page said...

Haha don't be so hard on yourself, you're pretty dang amazing! And if it makes you feel any better, it took me two days to make my one sauce because I can't do anything without taking a million years. So yes, maybe I cooked something, but it was basically leftovers by the time you guys got it. Ha!

Jessica Fields said...

River's mom doesn't need makeup!

He told me his mom is so beautiful that she makes spitup look like freshly fallen snow in winter.

He also told me that you shouldn't be down on his momma because no one gets to be down on his momma (not even you).

The he pinched me!!!!

Jessica said...

By the way, you are correct, that foot is HUGE!!!