Friday, April 2, 2010

A Special Report

Why I Like Being 3 Months Old
By River Lucas Bear

Three months old is so much better than two months old. Whatever was causing my fussiness is almost gone and I feel like smiling almost all the time... especially at the ladies. My dad can even make me giggle. Mom tries to make me giggle, but I like to mess with her and just look at her cross eyed.

I'm getting so strong now. I can almost sit up by myself, but I still need a quick hand to catch me. I really like to stand up. My legs can hold all my weight, now if only I could get this balancing thing down.
I still don't believe in sleep schedules... well except for my early morning wake up call. It's 7:00 am mom. Time to play. Naps aren't my favorite, but I feel happier when I take them, so mom keeps trying. I weighed 14lbs and was 24 1/2 inches at my last doctors appointment. Dad says when I hit 20lbs I can go to the gym with him and pump some iron. Well I better go. I have a lot of nursing to do if I want to make 20lbs by the end of the month. Mmmmm... nursing!


susan said...

Lil - You are the best! These pics are soooo cute! Your naration is hysterical. We can't wait til our visit - 22 days and counting. Thank goodness for this blog it keeps us going as grandparents that haven't gotten to hug that boy yet. Don't mean to leave Bear out Hi! Hi! See you soon! Love Grandpa and Grandma Bear

Kizzie said...

Lil, he's so cute!

Alisha Eversole said...

I look forward to your posts... I leave them for last :)

River is truly one of the prettiest babies I have EVER seen...

Bickham Fam said...

I just love him oh and you of course!