Monday, June 18, 2012


So I've gotten a lot of flack for the lack of a superbigoverthetopginormous reaction to the color of the balloons.  In case you are worried that we are disappointed about having another boy, here are four things you should know about us.

#1 First and foremost and this is so obvious it should go without saying, we happen to make the most darling little boys imaginable.  I've said it before, the reason I take so long to get pregnant is because I make masterpieces.  River is a cherub worthy of the Sistine Chapel, so no, we could never be disappointed to be blessed with another one.

#2 We were pretty dang sure those balloons were going to be blue.  Even with my last second change of mind, I would have been way more surprised to see pink balloons than blue and Bear would have been downright shocked.  We just have too much faith in our "babies come in waves" theory and everyone... I mean everyone is having a boy this fall.  That and the stupid Chinese Lunar calendar is just so accurate.

#3 I've made it to the finals of three game show auditions and been turned away all three times because my lack of enthusiasm.  Sorry peeps... we are internal celebrators around here.  If you want a touchdown dance, you are going to have to write it in a script.  Oh... and by the time Friday rolls around here, we are so tired from our sleeping in small shifts schedule that we are practically the walking dead.  So if you think about, it was a pretty big reaction for zombies.

and finally...

#4 One of the few good things that come with fertility issues is the letting go of all the unimportant things.  We are happy to have any baby.  Girls, boys, twins, gingers... all our welcome in this house.  I know for a fact we have daughters, how and when they get to us will be another fun surprise.  How many boys come our way will be a fun surprise too.  Just note... I am sadly lacking in boy name ideas, so if I have too many more,  it might start getting a bit "creative" around here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Drumroll Please....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

May I Have The Envelope Please...

So I lied... Something else did happen in April and I do have a picture.  It just wasn't on my camera.

Here's the first picture of Cubby... aka... The Cub.  Only 10 weeks old and trying so very hard to get his/her short arm to his/her mouth.  Do we have another thumb sucker on our hands?

And here's The Cub today at 18 weeks.

Wow!!!  They grow so fast and look where that hand is hanging out.  Cubby's appointment took twice as long as River's, because he/she was literally doing somersaults and getting clear pictures for measurements was quite the task.  Everything was normal and the gender is.....

It's a surprise!  We won't know till Saturday.

One of these cards was placed in the mystery envelope by the ultrasound technician and the other one was probably thrown out like yesterday's pizza.  It does kind of suck that an envelope gets to know the gender of my baby before I do, but I am doing awesome at not peeking.  Talk about Lil Power... it's like will power... get it??? Anyway...  Any guesses before Saturday evening?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time Line

I am starting to feel almost human again.  Washing the dishes, or showering aren't such a drain anymore and I have a little energy left at the end of the night to catch up on some blogging.  Unfortunately between River's later bed time (he still goes to bed at 8:30, but then we fight him for an hour as we try to keep in bed, now that he's not in a crib) and my earlier bed time (5:30 am alarm for work), I don't have a lot of time.  So here is a super speedy update of things I missed while in the land of the half dead and vomiting.

Easter Weekend (April 7th and 8th)

On the Saturday before Easter we went to a little Egg Hunt at my friends' town homes.  It was the perfect size and most of the kids were little, so no crazy competitions.  We were supposed to go looking for houses that day, but the realtor canceled at the last second.  This is why River has an orange short on and a Halloween basket.  Just mark it up as another episode of A Ghetto Mom Tries.

(I just love River's hair in this pic.  Does anyone else think 90210?)

On Easter Sunday we had a beautiful time at church and then spent the afternoon at at a dinner with friends. We had an Easter Egg Hunt just for the three kids and this time River looked a little more Eastery.  After he stopped and ate all the candy from the first egg he found, he did great for the rest of the hunt.  All of the kids were pretty good at sharing eggs they found too.

Getting ready for the hunt.

Looking for eggs and airplanes.

April 9th Tragedy Strikes-River Gets A Hair Cut

Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but it was tragic to me.  I was living vicariously through all the compliments I got daily on my sons curls... it was almost as if I had beautiful curly hair, that was gorgeous even if it was messy, but my husband (who has long, curly hair btw) said it needed to be cut.


 (Unsuspectingly sitting in his airplane.)


Who knew life could be so hard with a succor in each hand and riding in an airplane, with a tv playing cartoons in front of you???  This was his first haircut with scissors... guess we'll be going back to the flowbee.


Semi recovered thanks to a balloon and some extra succors.  One reason I hate cutting River's hair is that he always looks so much older.  Seriously, I feel like I need to buy him a back pack and enroll him in school, but he does look so handsome.

The rest of April-???

I honestly don't remember another thing about April.  I don't have any more pictures or videos of the month either.  It's all been lost to the morning sickness vacuum.  Well on to May in the next couple days.