Monday, June 18, 2012


So I've gotten a lot of flack for the lack of a superbigoverthetopginormous reaction to the color of the balloons.  In case you are worried that we are disappointed about having another boy, here are four things you should know about us.

#1 First and foremost and this is so obvious it should go without saying, we happen to make the most darling little boys imaginable.  I've said it before, the reason I take so long to get pregnant is because I make masterpieces.  River is a cherub worthy of the Sistine Chapel, so no, we could never be disappointed to be blessed with another one.

#2 We were pretty dang sure those balloons were going to be blue.  Even with my last second change of mind, I would have been way more surprised to see pink balloons than blue and Bear would have been downright shocked.  We just have too much faith in our "babies come in waves" theory and everyone... I mean everyone is having a boy this fall.  That and the stupid Chinese Lunar calendar is just so accurate.

#3 I've made it to the finals of three game show auditions and been turned away all three times because my lack of enthusiasm.  Sorry peeps... we are internal celebrators around here.  If you want a touchdown dance, you are going to have to write it in a script.  Oh... and by the time Friday rolls around here, we are so tired from our sleeping in small shifts schedule that we are practically the walking dead.  So if you think about, it was a pretty big reaction for zombies.

and finally...

#4 One of the few good things that come with fertility issues is the letting go of all the unimportant things.  We are happy to have any baby.  Girls, boys, twins, gingers... all our welcome in this house.  I know for a fact we have daughters, how and when they get to us will be another fun surprise.  How many boys come our way will be a fun surprise too.  Just note... I am sadly lacking in boy name ideas, so if I have too many more,  it might start getting a bit "creative" around here.


Jessica Rudder said...

I'm fine with everything but gingers.


IrisLillie said...

I guess I just read you better than other... I never saw either of you look slightly sad... Like I said... they only thing I was rooting for more was pink and blue balloons... Now that would have caused a bit of commotion.. ;)

Scott and Stacia said...

Congratulations!! The balloons were such a fun way to find out the gender of the baby :) It was fun to see all the friends as well!!

I love having my two boys. They are great friends and it was so fun to put Brycen in all of Jacen's clothes.

annette said...

I didn't question your reaction (or lack of) at all! I remember having to fake tears when I was at my first ultrasound...The nurse seemed taken aback that I was just looking at the fuzzy picture indifferently (I was focusing on trying not to pee my pants), so I channeled my acting degree and put it to work so the nurse wouldn't think I was an unfeeling monster.

Let me tell you, when my babies are born I become overwhelmed with love, tears, laughter, joy, etc etc etc. But a lot of those steps to get there are simply that...steps. Sure, it's awesome when the baby starts kicking and moving in you and it's exciting to think about the human being you are growing, but the really good stuff (for me) happens once the munchkin is out of my petri dish and in the world.

I'm super duper excited for you, Lil. You totally make masterpieces! That River is gorgeous and I have no doubt his brother will be too.


PS Ginger babies are amazing. My ginger is sheer perfection and I willed him to have such a fabulous hair colour.

Candice said...

I laughed out loud at the term, 'internal celebrators'. Oh, congratulations, my internal celebrating friend.

IrisLillie said...

Your father has made the suggestion Derrick... in honor of his rough-neck days...