Monday, May 21, 2012

Have You Heard?

All the rumors, assumptions, ponderings, queries, questions and guesses are absolutely true!

Here's a second look in case you couldn't read his tee shirt.

I really did have a sinus infection and ear ache, but the reoccurring death flu was actually morning sickness... though I think death flu is a more appropriate description.  We are all just as happy about it as I am sick, so believe me, that is pretty darn happy.  I will celebrate once my food options don't all sound like puke or snot and I actually enjoy eating again.  With so many people battling weight problems, I think we forget that appetites and cravings are a blessing too.  I'm hoping mine is on the way back soon.

I found out I was pregnant March 8th.  The same day I was hired at my new job.  They didn't have me start for a couple weeks, just long enough to let the morning sickness kick into full gear.  I have prayed my way through every work day since and made it to the parking lot before puking.  I also made it through with my secret in tact... not an easy task... especially while wearing sea band bracelets to combat nausea and claiming it was because I get motion sickness from the office chairs swiveling... Really people?  You bought that?

So having done it both ways, keeping it secret for almost 15 weeks this time and putting it on my blog an hour after I found out last time, I can officially say I will never keep it secret again.  You have to lie way too much when you get as sick as me, plus it made me way more paranoid about miscarriage.  I would tell everyone if I miscarried anyway, so they may as well get the good news before the bad news.  The first time around, the congratulations and good cheer helped me through the sickness, plus wiped out any fears.  Keeping it secret left me with little to do besides worry.

So why didn't I cave in and let the cat out of the bag?  I realized I hadn't told a single soul in person last time... besides Bear.  As luck would have it, my cousin was getting married in May and my sister in-law was having a baby the first week of May as well.  We had perfect reasons to meet up with both sides of the family and tell them in person.  The closer the time came, the more that kept happening to ruin the surprise, including a trip to the emergency room 24 hours before my plane left to Florida.  However, the universe cannot mess with my stubborn streak and we pulled it off!

Surprising my family on Mother's Day... i.e. Best present ever!

Surprising Bear's family later that week.

Thanks for reading everyone and indulging me in my sickness complaints... they've been busting to get loose for months now, but I'll try to keep them to a minimum.  The Cub is due November 15th and should he/she choose to cooperate, we'll find out the gender in three weeks.  Can't Wait!!!

Alternative titles to this post...

Oops... We Did It Again.

The Plus Sign Heard Round The World


The Boobs Are Back In Town

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Furrrst Baby

I have to take a break from being too "busy" (tired, rundown, sick) to blog and give a Golden Birthday shout out to our first little babe Noodle Battlecat Bear.  He turned seven on the seventh today and was treated with extra food, treats and attention... or as he puts it... finally almost enough food, treats and attention.

He gave us a run for our money before we had a kid and now there are days where he almost pushes us over the limit.  A typical night is finally getting River down and then right on cue Noodle starts to howl non-stop for.... not sure what... if only we could figure that out.  I guess he just thinks it is his turn.  But that's what family does... constantly stretch our hearts out bigger and bigger, making us more loving, kind and patient than we ever could have become on our own.  I had two friends lose their fur-babies this week.  My heart breaks for them.  I will always hold my neurotic vampire/snap-dragon/rattlesnake/kitty close to my heart, but not close to my face, because it freakin hurts getting bit on the face.  We love you Noodle and thanks for being so good to the little man who is adding years onto your life faster each day.