Tuesday, April 27, 2010

River Bear At Bear Lake

Get it??? Before I had my baby, I would be up rather late at night and debate whether I should do a blog post or go to bed. Almost always, the post would win out. However, with my days of sleeping in long gone, my bed always wins. Tonight, I am making an exception. There are very few people I would make an exception for. Lindsay and Becca happen to be two of them.

Who are Lindsay and Becca... well they are the lovely ladies pictured above. (The taller ones.) They also happen to be the best kind of friends... soul mate friends if you will. I love them and I love the fact they came to see me (well really they came to see River) and brought their youngest babies for me to see as well. To quote Shag, "We had the most fun."


We headed up north to introduce River to my great loves, Logan and Bear Lake. Seriously, I feel like I'm attached to some kind of umbilical cord when it comes to those two places. I just breathe better when I'm there. I think River does too, because he was a miracle baby for the whole trip. He took long naps and only had one wake up per night. He was happy, happy, happy. I think he was showing off for Hannah and Blakely. (The shorter ones.) Regardless, he made a liar out of me and Becca and Lindsay are pretty sure I have the easiest baby in the world and all of my prior sleep complaints were just me being dramatic. Oh well, what can I do???

Mmmmm.... Mom, you are the best cook. I was so hungry after playing at the lake. I love you. (Sorry about the nursing picture, but since this little guy is going to grow up and figure out I'm a horrible cook one day, I thought I'd document him enjoying a meal I provided while I still can.) By the way, it's been exactly a year since I found out I was pregnant. What a ride!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Name Game

It's a little after the fact, but I thought I'd share River's birth announcement with everyone.
I get a lot of people asking why I named him River. We liked the idea of a river flowing constantly towards a single source and overcoming all obstacles in its way. Rivers can be gentle, but strong when needed. Plus it's a biblical name... well they talk about a lot of rivers in The Bible anyway.
Had I been a boy, my name would have been Lucas. My little brother was lucky enough to end up with it. I love him and I love the name. I must remember being called Lucas in the womb, because it makes me smile whenever I hear it.
Bear, of course, comes from my husband. River just got lucky that the best dad in the world, also had a cool last name.
On a side note, before I told anyone what we were naming him, I had a friend call and ask if we had picked out a name. We were trying to keep it secret, so I denied having a name picked out. She called back the next day and said she could not get a name out of her head and she really felt like the baby's name was supposed to be River. I had never mentioned it as an option and it's not like it's a common name... weird huh? Or should I say... cool huh?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This one is mine.

I have my name on it.
Tonight I have taught my son the very important lesson of you will be ignored unless you scream really loud, in which case I will then come in running and do whatever you want me to. This last time (the third time) he went from screaming to smiling real big the second he saw me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you NEEDED something, wouldn't you still need it if your mom was in the room. I'm usually better than this, but he's catching me on a very exhausted night and for some reason this makes his cries seem much more sad, lonely, scared, etc.... As soon as he finally goes to sleep, I will join him and drift off guiltily dreaming about how I'm ruining all chances of him having healthy sleep habits with my inconsistencies, which will then turn into a dream about rabbits driving tractors, because you know... dreams are weird.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch The Thrill

Batter Up!

Sliding in to home.


Friday, April 2, 2010

A Special Report

Why I Like Being 3 Months Old
By River Lucas Bear

Three months old is so much better than two months old. Whatever was causing my fussiness is almost gone and I feel like smiling almost all the time... especially at the ladies. My dad can even make me giggle. Mom tries to make me giggle, but I like to mess with her and just look at her cross eyed.

I'm getting so strong now. I can almost sit up by myself, but I still need a quick hand to catch me. I really like to stand up. My legs can hold all my weight, now if only I could get this balancing thing down.
I still don't believe in sleep schedules... well except for my early morning wake up call. It's 7:00 am mom. Time to play. Naps aren't my favorite, but I feel happier when I take them, so mom keeps trying. I weighed 14lbs and was 24 1/2 inches at my last doctors appointment. Dad says when I hit 20lbs I can go to the gym with him and pump some iron. Well I better go. I have a lot of nursing to do if I want to make 20lbs by the end of the month. Mmmmm... nursing!