Monday, June 29, 2009


First Trimester-Though you brought me such highlights as discovering I was pregnant and hearing my baby's heart beat for the first time, you most definitely will not be missed. Till next time, you ill tempered beast.
Blond Hair-You most likely will be missed. I am hoping that if blonds have more fun, brunettes get to have more money. (and maybe some fun on the side as well)
Camera Battery Charger-Please come back home. We don't care what you've been up to. We'll accept you back with open arms. Our blog is naked with you.
Wyoming-Thanks for the clean air, beautiful weather and wide open spaces. This city trapped, country couple needed a good refill. Hope to see you again soon.
Ed, Farrah and Michael-Ed, you would have been a welcome sight at my front door anytime. Farrah, I'm not a huge follower, but it says a lot that every time my girlfriends get together, we take at least one Charlie's Angels picture. Michael, some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching Thriller with my siblings and seeing who was brave enough not to hide behind the couch when you turned into a werewolf. I almost never was.
Till we meet again.

Monday, June 22, 2009

True Romance

Late one Sunday afternoon, Bear leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. Then he mentioned he didn't know if he had brushed his teeth yet that day. I thought to myself for a second and replied, "I brushed my teeth this morning when I went to church.... but I've thrown up twice since then."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I guess the correct term is Matron of Honor, but bridesmaid is so much cuter. My little sister is engaged and although she is entirely too young (28), everyone tells me there's not much I can do about it. So here's the scoop, she is marrying her longtime friend Josh in November. I will be 32 weeks along. That's eight months people. I am in need of a cute bridesmaid dress. Wait, make that a cute maternity bridesmaid dress. No wait, make that a cute, modest maternity bridesmaid dress. You see my dilemma. There are a lot of cute maternity bridesmaid dresses on line, but it seems designers think if your breasts are going to get huge, you must want to show everyone. I'm taking suggestions for dress shops in Utah, or online, or even really talented seamstresses.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I just got back from my doctor's appointment. It was a quick one. Despite being sick, I haven't lost any weight, which is good. I am a tad dehydrated, but everyday it gets easier to drink water and keep it down. The doctor said he was impressed with how much better I was feeling. Usually his "underweight" (guess they go by a different standard than Hollywood) patients don't start recovering as quickly.
No ultrasound today, but I did get to hear the heartbeat again. The Bean was not in a cooperative mood and every time the doctor would find the heartbeat, the baby would swim quickly away. We found it at last and it's always reassuring to hear it, so I was thankful. The doctor said he should be able to determine the sex at my next visit, which I'll only be 15 weeks. That would be 5 weeks sooner than I thought. What a bonus! I'll try not to be too disappointed if he can't tell though.
We're officially in our new apartment and hopefully in a few days we'll actually feel like unpacking and organizing. Right now we are content to dig through boxes every time we need something. The rain has been a blessing and a curse. I love it. It keeps me calm and we've been thankful for the cooler temperatures, but making mad dashes between rain showers is not the optimal way to move. Now that we're done, I say bring on the rain. For once I would like summer to wait until it's actually summer to start.
One final note on week 11. My baby has officially graduated from being an embryo to a fetus. I've never been too fond of the word fetus, but in Greek it means little one, so it's a little cuter to me now. Of course The Bean has always been a baby to me, from the second a plus sign appeared on a stick.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Final Dead Noon Interview

I am putting a link on here to the final Dead Noon interview. It was done by Killing Boxx. It is a fantastic interview and the people at Killing Boxx truly understand the term independent. I hope you'll enjoy reading it and gaining insight into the world of independent film making. Plus they say a nice thing about me halfway through.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yep... We're Moving

I guess I just expected everyone to read my mind and know we were moving, but apparently I threw some of you for a loop. While packing and moving isn't high on my list of things to do while I'm nauseous and puking, sometimes you get a deal that's too good to pass up. We obviously don't have enough room in our already crowded one bedroom for a baby (although saying that makes me feel like pioneer women are looking down at me from heaven and rolling their eyes), so we've been pricing two bedrooms. Everything out there was way out of our price range. I mean seriously, if we could afford a billion dollars per month, we would just buy a house.
I was a tad bit down in the dumps about it, when a co-worker, who did not know I was pregnant or looking for a new place, told me her daughter was moving out of her apartment and she kept having the feeling she should tell me about it. It's a two bedroom apartment, on a quiet culdesac in Sugar House. It has a tiny outside storage shed and here's the best part.... although they are squished into the kitchen, it has a washer and dryer!!! It's an older place, but it fixes all the things we didn't like about our current place; noise, paying for laundry and no storage.
The owner is a sweet ninety year old man, who obviously hasn't been on Craigslist in awhile. He's only charging $550 a month. I'll pause while all my New York and LA friends pick themselves up off the floor. While it isn't my purple house out in the country with a wrap-around porch, we're excited for a little extra space.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Taste

In case any of you were wondering, almonds are not fun to throw up. Stick to bananas people! In other news, Noodle went to the vet yesterday to get his shots updated. He did very well. The vet said he had a beautiful coat. See Noodle, your obsessive bathing has not gone unnoticed. Also, because he is a very tall and long cat, the vet said he was only two pounds overweight and not six pounds like all the cat books have been telling us. Phew! We aren't terrible parents after all. We start moving tomorrow and have exactly one box packed. Wish us luck.

Monday, June 1, 2009


We added a baby ticker to the left. That way everyone can keep track of how much time we have left till the baby arrives. Don't lie... I know you all have it marked on your calenders. The baby ticker I liked the best came in pink, blue or green. We went with green, since we won't know for a bit if the baby is a boy or girl. Plus, you all know how I feel about pink. I don't hate it anymore, but some girls just look better in purple. You know what I'm saying???
Since we're on the topic of girls, Bear and I are going to throw it out there. We think the baby is a girl. While thinking of names, only girl names have been brought up. This made us wonder, so we performed some of the following tests; the necklace test, the wedding ring test and the Honest Abe test. All the results came back as girl. Old wives tales? I think not. All of our friends that have cast a prediction thus far have also said girl and we have very smart friends.
As a small disclaimer, I want to add that when I was born, I was 100% supposed to be a boy. The doctor said so, my parents thought so, the only name picked out was Luke. You never know till the baby is here, but then again, I don't think my parents thought to perform the Honest Abe test.