Monday, June 1, 2009


We added a baby ticker to the left. That way everyone can keep track of how much time we have left till the baby arrives. Don't lie... I know you all have it marked on your calenders. The baby ticker I liked the best came in pink, blue or green. We went with green, since we won't know for a bit if the baby is a boy or girl. Plus, you all know how I feel about pink. I don't hate it anymore, but some girls just look better in purple. You know what I'm saying???
Since we're on the topic of girls, Bear and I are going to throw it out there. We think the baby is a girl. While thinking of names, only girl names have been brought up. This made us wonder, so we performed some of the following tests; the necklace test, the wedding ring test and the Honest Abe test. All the results came back as girl. Old wives tales? I think not. All of our friends that have cast a prediction thus far have also said girl and we have very smart friends.
As a small disclaimer, I want to add that when I was born, I was 100% supposed to be a boy. The doctor said so, my parents thought so, the only name picked out was Luke. You never know till the baby is here, but then again, I don't think my parents thought to perform the Honest Abe test.


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Chrislynn said...

I appreciate that in addition to your baby ticker you have the New Moon ticker, I mean, they go hand in hand, right?

Candice said...

My parents did not perform any of the logical tests like that either. My name was supposed to be Bart. It was something about my heart rate being fast or slow, I cannot remember.

I have never been sad that I missed the opportunity to be named Bart.

jessica said...

Which names are you thinking about?

I have some names I really like - I thought they were fairly unique. Imagine my surprise when I went to a baby name site and found out they were in the top ten for girls names last year!


It looks like, at least where names are concerned, I am a product of the time I grew up in.

BTW, here's a fairly cool name site you should check out. It shows the popularity of names throughout the years (starting with 1880:

Bickham Fam said...

You do have smart friends!