Monday, June 29, 2009


First Trimester-Though you brought me such highlights as discovering I was pregnant and hearing my baby's heart beat for the first time, you most definitely will not be missed. Till next time, you ill tempered beast.
Blond Hair-You most likely will be missed. I am hoping that if blonds have more fun, brunettes get to have more money. (and maybe some fun on the side as well)
Camera Battery Charger-Please come back home. We don't care what you've been up to. We'll accept you back with open arms. Our blog is naked with you.
Wyoming-Thanks for the clean air, beautiful weather and wide open spaces. This city trapped, country couple needed a good refill. Hope to see you again soon.
Ed, Farrah and Michael-Ed, you would have been a welcome sight at my front door anytime. Farrah, I'm not a huge follower, but it says a lot that every time my girlfriends get together, we take at least one Charlie's Angels picture. Michael, some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching Thriller with my siblings and seeing who was brave enough not to hide behind the couch when you turned into a werewolf. I almost never was.
Till we meet again.


Candice said...

I love you. Thank you for putting into words the farewells of my past. Blond hair will be missed. I am interested in the money, though. Camera Battery Chargers are cruel things that like to hide, but they always come back. I love good, clean, air, anywhere. We take it for granted in America. I miss Ed, Farrah, Michael, and apparently the guy who does Oxyclean commercials died too. They will all be missed. I never thought to thank Farrah, for the ultimate girl pose.

Interesting, my word verification is: exess. It does not mean anything to me. I just thought that it was interesting.

annette said...

Hooray for getting through the first trimester!

Things I loved about my second trimester:

1. Food no longer made me ill. In fact, I developed a great relationship with all things dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese and ice cream, to be more specific).

2. I loved it when my belly popped. I really loved my second trimester body. I felt beautiful.

3. Pregnancy suddenly became more real to me. Especially when I was able to feel the little bean move.

4. I wasn't completely comatose all the time. I wouldn't say I was energetic, but I was definitely able to get through the day on only one nap instead of three.

On the downside, I got some pretty bad headaches in my second trimester.

Have fun and keep posting details!!!

IrisLillie said...

Billy Mayes... And now I hear Karl Malden died.. so if things come in threes, does that mean there is another two going to happen?