Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have made a couple changes to my blog. Much to the chagrin of my mother, I deleted my blog music. Sorry mom, but I just got sick of pausing it every time I wanted to watch someone's video. Feel free to use it on your blog. I also have deleted the New Moon ticker. It was sort of an anti-climatic ticker, seeing how the day came and went and I had no girlfriends in SLC to geek out with. Poor me, guess I'll have to watch it early on a Tuesday afternoon when no one is in the theatre to get me and my baby sick. Oh wait... that sounds awesome. The final change is.... or should I say the most exciting change is... I added a button for the Animal Rescue Site. It is seriously the easiest charity work you will ever do. You click on the button and for every click they get, they donate food to animals in shelters. Get clicking!
I also discovered these pictures of me in Montana, which might explain my rapid growth between six months and seven months. What do you think?
Yummmm... Huckleberry Shake!
I've always been messy, but it used to just fall on the floor.

So happy to be eating again. Please ignore the lack of vegetables on my plate.

Friday, November 20, 2009


To keep from making you jealous, I'll just go over a few highlights of our Montana trip. Normally, when we travel to Montana, our days are filled with horseback riding, rope swinging and hot-tubbing. Three things that are off limits to me in my delicate condition. Whatever would I fill my time with...

Lazy days on the dock.

Fetch with crazed beasts.

Swimming with my honey.

And without him when the water got too cold. (That's the nice thing about being pregnant, all the extra blood keeps you toasty.)

Sunset canoe rides.

Leisurely hikes.

Watching others enjoy activities forbidden to me, but with a view this amazing, who cares.

Exploring waterfalls. (BTW...I slipped and fell flat on my back. A first and hopefully last in my pregnancy. Luckily Andy broke my fall just enough.)

Mid afternoon shipwrecks.

Final farewells. Till next time anyway.

And the dreaded long car ride home. At least we didn't have any detours to Boise this time. All in all, a great anniversary adventure.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Montana Days

I have a lot to update lately, but in an attempt to maintain a semblance of order on this blog, I ask you to time travel with me back to September. The weather was warmer, my pregnant belly was flatter and yes... we were in Montana.
Puking aside, I hadn't been sick my entire pregnancy. In fact, I hadn't had a cold all year. Right before we left to Montana, I could feel a tickle in the back of my throat. Normally, I would try and get lots of sleep, drink a ton of water and take some immunity boosting herbs. This kills the cold before it even has a chance. However, I had a vacation to take. So, I stayed up all night packing, left at 4:00am for a ten hour drive to Montana, forgot all my herbs, didn't take my vitamins and as soon as we got in, I scrambled together a costume for the 80's prom themed birthday party my friend was having. Then I danced the night away. It wasn't long till the cold took me full force and I collapsed into a mucusy, coughing heap. Not smart for a pregnant lady, I know, but luckily we got some pretty sweet pics before I crashed.

Bear went as the older guy who could never leave behind the glory days of high school. I went as the girl who forced him to go to prom, because he knocked her up. I think we scared the people at the party who didn't know us. Our costumes were a little too realistic.

Andy and Marianne rocking the Madonna/Miami Vice look. Aren't they precious. I really think these two are going to make it.

Robert Andrus as Duckie... sad his date stood him up.

Our group was pretty fierce. Wait, fierce wasn't an 80's word... I mean rad.

This video is titled... "I'm Having Your Baby. The Least You Could Do is Dance With Me."

This video is for those of you who doubt the seriousness of which we take the 80's!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Eight

Eight months fancy.

Eight months not so fancy.

Either way you dress it up... it's big!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just in case you forgot...

How beautiful my cat is.

Davinci says, "Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece."

And Noodle is no small feline.