Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Montana Days

I have a lot to update lately, but in an attempt to maintain a semblance of order on this blog, I ask you to time travel with me back to September. The weather was warmer, my pregnant belly was flatter and yes... we were in Montana.
Puking aside, I hadn't been sick my entire pregnancy. In fact, I hadn't had a cold all year. Right before we left to Montana, I could feel a tickle in the back of my throat. Normally, I would try and get lots of sleep, drink a ton of water and take some immunity boosting herbs. This kills the cold before it even has a chance. However, I had a vacation to take. So, I stayed up all night packing, left at 4:00am for a ten hour drive to Montana, forgot all my herbs, didn't take my vitamins and as soon as we got in, I scrambled together a costume for the 80's prom themed birthday party my friend was having. Then I danced the night away. It wasn't long till the cold took me full force and I collapsed into a mucusy, coughing heap. Not smart for a pregnant lady, I know, but luckily we got some pretty sweet pics before I crashed.

Bear went as the older guy who could never leave behind the glory days of high school. I went as the girl who forced him to go to prom, because he knocked her up. I think we scared the people at the party who didn't know us. Our costumes were a little too realistic.

Andy and Marianne rocking the Madonna/Miami Vice look. Aren't they precious. I really think these two are going to make it.

Robert Andrus as Duckie... sad his date stood him up.

Our group was pretty fierce. Wait, fierce wasn't an 80's word... I mean rad.

This video is titled... "I'm Having Your Baby. The Least You Could Do is Dance With Me."

This video is for those of you who doubt the seriousness of which we take the 80's!


Chrislynn said...

That looks like it was a FUN PARTY! I love your costumes, so funny!

Kevin Doyle said...

Pretty impressed by the THRILLER number.

When it started it looked like the shark ladies from West Side Story at the school dance. Seriously.

Candice said...

So fun! You both look rad. That is some pretty impressive facial hair for a super senior, glory days, high school was the best time of my life man.

IrisLillie said...

I miss the music..........
Not the 80s music, your blog music.

Bickham Fam said...

This totally made me laugh, I needed that. I especially like how everyone doing the Thriller dance was getting tired after awhile- that must be a workout! You as the pregnant high school girl was the best because you still look young enought to pull it off.

Beandip said...

So great and once again I'm jealous I couldn't be there! Thanks for sharing the totally awesome 80's pics and videos with everyone!