Friday, October 19, 2012

32 Weeks-36 Weeks

I forgot to take a naked belly shot at 32 weeks, but I did take this one.  It's not the cutest, but WOWZA I got big between 32 weeks and 36 weeks!  Maybe it was the trip to Missouri and all the "healthy" vacation food.

The Cub at 32 Weeks

The Cub at 36 Weeks

Week 35 brought me cankles just in time for my brother's wedding.  I happened to make it 3 weeks longer before getting cankles this pregnancy.  I only remember because I was 32 weeks along when I got cankles while pregnant with River at my sister's wedding.  It really must be the travel... or maybe weddings? 

By the time I cam home from Missouri, Week 36 had brought me someone else's legs entirely.  I'm glad the weather is getting colder and I can wear pants to cover up these inflated tree trunks.  Other than that, I'm still feeling pretty good.  Let me clarify what I mean by good.  I can't sleep.  There is no such thing as a comfortable position.  I have to pee every 15 minutes.  Between the baby's size and the blood all going to my uterus, I am light-headed and out of breath most of the time... However, I am not on bed-rest, in a wheel chair, or even on crutches and I can still catch and carry my two year old, so I'll call that good.

If anyone wants to venture a guess on what day The Cub will make his debut, I will send the winner their choice of candy bar.  I made this promise last time, but I won my own game.  I was only off by 43 minutes.  Just so you know, my due date is November 15th.  Pick a day and time.  That way we have a tie-breaker.

My guess is November is 8th at 1:50 pm.  I know guessing early is a dangerous game to play, but River came an hour and 42 minutes before his due date, so I just can't imagine going longer and the way I feel... I have to be closer than 4 weeks... I just have to be. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We are off to see these two get married, or as my little boy says, "Unca Luke get mawied."  He doesn't know what that means, except that he gets to ride on an airplane and that is good enough for him.  Last night he woke up three times to tell me what he wanted to bring on the plane... treats, candy, vitamins and what he was going to leave home... his pillow, his blue shoes.

He was so excited, he was borderline crazy.  I'm not lying.  Here's proof.

I won't judge.  I kind of have the same crazed look in my eyes today as I get the last second things for the trip together.  I will try not to have my baby at 35,000 feet, though I saw a tv show once where a woman had her baby on a plane and the airline gave her and her baby free flight benefits for life.  If that was true, it would be tempting.  Flying with kids is EX-PEN-SIVE!

We'll miss Noodle, but thanks to the world's best cat sitter/lion tamer, Robert Andrus, our home and our cat will be safe.  Don't even think about trying to steal my... my.... oh wait, we really don't have anything that valuable, unless you count our baby swing and what kind of person would steal a swing from a baby!  You make me sick.

See, like I said, we're all a little crazy today, but super excited to see friends and family soon and so happy for my brother Luke and his beautiful fiance Kristy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Montana Friends

I took a break from my friends posts to blog about my anniversary and then I fell off the face of the earth for awhile.  I am waiting for my nesting hormones to kick in, so I can get "everything" done, but in the mean time all I have to work with is EXTREME FATIGUE!  As my friend Marianne said, "The mind is willing, but the body is pregnant."

Before I get buried in my to do list, I want to post about our trip to Montana.  We try and take one every year around our anniversary.  Sadly this might be the last one.  Our family is growing, our friends family is growing and unfortunately their house is not growing.... hmm... maybe we'll just move there.

Despite the flu making the rounds on this trip and even striking River for the first time ever, we had so much fun.  The kids were sick on and off the whole time, but they were in great spirits.  It went something like this... act totally fine, eat well, play, ask to go to the park and then puke in the car on the way home.  The next day... act totally fine, eat a ton, wrestle, jump, climb and then have explosive diarrhea in the middle of the night.  Good times!

Here's some pictures of the non disgusting stuff.

Heavy on the trees and grass... just like I like it.

The spaghetti noodle approach to sliding.

Let the slide races begin!!!

 Maria and Uncle Andrus were inseparable.

Picnicking lakeside at sunset... any day baby!!!

Bear and River demonstrate  how to style your hair in the "shark fin".  Much cooler than the "faux hawk" if I do say so myself.

The whole crew, minus me, but since Marianne is a photographer, I thought I'd let her sneak in one shot.

River's dream come true...  access to a hot tub day and night!

We kept the temp nice and low for the kids and the pregnant ladies (Marianne is due a month after me!!!), but it was still so nice and relaxing... a future must have if we let River decide our purchases.

Who's going to be the one to tell him it's time to get out and go nigh-nigh.  Not It!

Snuggle time with Uncle Andrus every morning... the kids can't get enough.  He really is the baby whisperer.

Yes, I jumped on the trampoline at 29 weeks pregnant.  No, it was not a good idea and thankfully, I was the only one with a camera at the time.

Judging from the smile on his face, I'm thinking another future must have.

The long road home... the look says it all... but seeing our friends and getting out of the city always makes the car rides worth it.

P.S.  Marianne was nice enough to take a couple family shots of us while we were there.  I can't wait to see them, but she is busy finishing all her galleries from wedding season, so it might be a minute.  However, she did share this gem of a shot on facebook and I don't want any of you to miss it.  Yes, your life will be better for having looked at it.