Monday, May 31, 2010

Skills To Pay The Bills

Hi! My name is River and I turned five months old today. As you can see, I'm rocking the red, white and blue for Memorial Day. I had fun in the sun and went to four barbecues this weekend. I thought I'd show off my newly acquired skill of sitting up. My mom's hovering, because she's worried I'm going to topple, but I got this down. Anything else going on in month five you ask???
I slept through the night on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It's every other night right now, because I like to keep my mom guessing.
I fake cough... a lot! I think it's so funny. Every time I sneeze, I add a fake cough for dramatic affect. Sometimes, when I am supposed to be sleeping, I fake cough instead and then giggle.
I like to take baths in the big tub, instead of a shower in my infant bath seat. I get to kick and splash up a storm. Mom's always soaked by the end of it.
I love my feet, especially during diaper changes. Good luck getting a new diaper on me. I'd help you out, but I'm too busy sucking on my toes.
Besides fake coughing, I also love blowing raspberries. I really like to do this on walks for some reason.
There's so much more to tell, but you'll have to come visit to know the rest. Cough, cough!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


May 29, 2009 I got my first glimpse of The Bean.

Here he is today... playing with his bird friends.

What a difference a year makes.
I've really been reminiscing all the magical first moments I experienced last year. April 27th (finding out I was pregnant), May 2nd (first day of morning sickness), my first Mother's Day and now May 29th (my first doctor's appointment). It was a special time, not always glamorous, but completely worth every ache, pain and sprint to the toilet.
This year I am experiencing all kinds of different "firsts". They usually involve holding a toy, or sitting up and coming very soon... rolling over. While I've never felt less glamorous, I've never felt as important. Especially when this little one curls in tight to me. Best feeling in the world.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rain Bathing

River had his first encounter with a swimming pool while we were at Bear Lake a few weeks ago. Judging from how hot the weather is all ready, it won't be his last. Mommy and Me swim classes here we come. I used to teach them in college, so it will be fun being on the other side. Like his dad, River loved to float and wasn't so big on kicking or blowing bubbles yet. He did think it was hilarious when I dunked myself and came out of the water to surprise him. His other favorite part was when we turned on the bubbler. He was fascinated. Seriously, I wish you could have seen the expression on his face.

Too bad Becca and Lindsay don't live here... we're a Mommy and Me swim class all by ourselves. I did think it was funny that it was much easier to have parents dunk their own kids, than dunk River. I was so unsure about it. Good thing Becca taught them too and coached me through. He handled it like a CHAMP!

I sure hope it rains tomorrow like it is supposed too. I want to bask in the rain. I want to rain bathe. If modesty wasn't on my to do list, I would run around naked in the rain. If I had my flat tummy back, I might do it anyway. Can you tell I'm not a summer person? Dear Utah... Please remember summer doesn't start till the end of June. Love Lil P.S. Please no record setting highs this year.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

True Aggie

I may be the only person who graduated from Utah State without becoming a True Aggie. For those of you not in the know, you have to kiss someone on the A to become a True Aggie. I think there are some other rules about midnight and full moons, but it's been nine years since I graduated, so everything is a little fuzzy. It's not that I didn't have an opportunity to kiss someone on the A. There was just no one I found worthy of such a high honor... until now.

Thanks River!

Friday, May 7, 2010

High Five

Today is Noodle Battlecat Bear's Fifth Birthday. I know he probably won't read this post, but I'm hoping the positive energy created by typing kind words will fill his cat naps with sweet and precious dreams.

Noodle has had a rough year... if such a thing is possible for a beloved indoor cat. Exactly a year ago, morning sickness hit me with a vengence. I was too sick to play with him. Then I became too fat to play with him and then I brought home a tiny little thing that cried a lot, hurt his ears and monopolized the majority of my time. It was a rough transition for Big Noods, but he has made his peace and even curls up with me at night again... despite his irritation at the nighttime feedings.
Noodle believes all things baby belong to him. I even need to ask permission for River to borrow the crib or car seat. I love, love, love him. He was truly our first step in becoming a family and great baby practice. Happy Birthday Noodle! Thank you for pushing through the tough times.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is powerful.

My baby was blessed on May 2, 2010 by my father. It was a beautiful blessing and an answer to about 5000 different prayers, both big and small. River did amazing, only crying for about the first 15 seconds of the blessing and I managed to keep his white outfit spit-up free till we made it home. (2 of the 5000 prayers right there.) Families are meant to be together forever and any personal sacrifice we might have to make along the way is worth it. No doubt about it.