Monday, May 31, 2010

Skills To Pay The Bills

Hi! My name is River and I turned five months old today. As you can see, I'm rocking the red, white and blue for Memorial Day. I had fun in the sun and went to four barbecues this weekend. I thought I'd show off my newly acquired skill of sitting up. My mom's hovering, because she's worried I'm going to topple, but I got this down. Anything else going on in month five you ask???
I slept through the night on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It's every other night right now, because I like to keep my mom guessing.
I fake cough... a lot! I think it's so funny. Every time I sneeze, I add a fake cough for dramatic affect. Sometimes, when I am supposed to be sleeping, I fake cough instead and then giggle.
I like to take baths in the big tub, instead of a shower in my infant bath seat. I get to kick and splash up a storm. Mom's always soaked by the end of it.
I love my feet, especially during diaper changes. Good luck getting a new diaper on me. I'd help you out, but I'm too busy sucking on my toes.
Besides fake coughing, I also love blowing raspberries. I really like to do this on walks for some reason.
There's so much more to tell, but you'll have to come visit to know the rest. Cough, cough!


Candice said...

He is a talented boy. Speaking of Diaper Changing, we finished off River's donated diapers. I forgot how many diapers newborns use. Why did I not do washable diapers?

Scott and Stacia said...

River is so cute!! I love that he fake know I think it has a little to do with the "acting" gene. My boys have it too...well mostly Brycen. Enjoy that cutie!!