Friday, June 4, 2010

Bleepin Miserable

I'm hot. My patience is thin. My waistline is not... and so begins my three least favorite months of the year. (Weather wise, not birthday wise Mom, David, Luke, Becca, Cody, Aunt Marian and Mary Jane etc...)
The top three reasons I have to be so grumpy today are:
*I checked the weather on my computer and next to the temperature was a little gray rain cloud and a bolt of lightening. Liars. Grrrr!
*My baby just started sleeping through the night when it started to blaze outside and now he wakes up two to three times in a hot, sweaty mess. Arrgh!
*My movie premiere for The Wylds is starting any minute in Montana and I am burning my biscuits off in Salt Lake. Bleck!


Now for three reason to be happy.

Sorry about the bad attitude. Buy me a McMansion with central air and I promise not to complain until it gets too cold. I hope the videos made you smile. Have a good day. If you need me, I'll be doing the rain dance until it either rains, or I die of heat stroke.


The Bears said...

Where is my third video you ask??? Hmmm? I'd like to know that too. Thanks blogger.

IrisLillie said...

It's true, I am not good at higher math... but I was confused by the lack of a third video...

And they did make me smile...

Carlson Family said...

Big...wait...huge smiles. I needed that River fix. What a cutie patootie! Love that boy.