Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In 31 years, I never realized some unfortunate souls don't have a half birthday. (That was until my baby was born on December 31st.) I didn't want River to miss out on the joys of eating cake halfway to his next birthday, so he officially celebrates his "Un-Birthday" on either June 30th, or July 1st, or both... if he can get someone to by him two cakes. He is my son, so most likely both. To celebrate, here are some of the nicknames of the last six months...

"Bean" Sometimes it's hard for me to realize that River and The Bean are the same person. Once he was on the outside, he was no longer The Bean, but I have so many memories of my little kicker, I had to include this nickname.

"Coo Bird" The world was a magical place to River from the very beginning. He was making this face and cooing at everything.

"Plank" I had him in his pink and blue hat from the hospital all the time. I had other hats, but this one was my favorite. I thought it made him look like a little sailor or pirate and Plank sounded really tough.

"Cheeseburger Man" This is one of those random names that just comes out and for some reason it sticks. We were on a road trip and Bear asked if I wanted a cheeseburger and the next thing out of my mouth was, "Hey, Cheeseburger Man." Which has since turned into a song... I am the Cheeseburger Man. I kiss my mom whenever I can. I am my dad's biggest fan. Cuz, I am the Cheeseburger Man... Yeah. I am the Cheeseburger Man... Yeah.

"Milklet" When he was tiny, he would growl at me if I wasn't fast enough getting him in nursing position. At the hospital, the nurses said he was the breastfeeding champ. He has always had a healthy appetite and though he doesn't make quite as many squeaks when he eats as he used to, the growls reappear every time he goes through a growth spurt.

"Bruiser" This nickname only comes around when he has his shirt off. The bad Italian accents come out as well. That is one of the side affects of having actors for parents. We have been able to restrain ourselves from buying him a gold chain, but we don't know for how much longer.

"Perfect Face" I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who calls him this... I can't help it... I think it's perfect. I stare at his eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, skin and just think... Wow! He has the most perfect face. I tell everyone I made it from scratch. When I'm at activities involving craft making and mine is the ugliest, as usual, I think... Well... There is one thing I'm good at making!
River at 6 months is the loveliest creature you've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is smiling 95% of the day and the other 5% he's giggling. He has taken blowing raspberries to the next level and we now call it motor boating. He produces a LOT of saliva while performing this activity, but the joy he gets from doing it, is worth the mess. He reaches and grabs for everything, especially Noodle. The world is brand new every minute and thankfully he is still cooing.


Candice said...

At the Eclipse debut, I would have to say that River is WAY better looking than Jacob...Edward is not even in the same league as those two.

Also, your hair looks gorgeous. Actually YOU look gorgeous, and your hair adds to it.

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

You're not the only one that thinks he looks perfect.

The other day Parisa said that you guys would make a fortune off of River because he's too cute and has a giant mop of hair.

He's going to be a heartbreaker. But, you guys will also raise him to be a perfect gentlemen, so, he won't take advantage of it.

BTW, I was singing the cheeseburger man song the other day on my ride home from work. I think it's a very catchy song. Of course, I sing the peanut butter jelly song every day at work while I eat my pbj sammich, so, I wouldn't necessarily trust my taste in music.

susan said...

Oh Boy where do I start! River is so beautiful!!! You and Bear are beautiful!!! Your writing is inspiring, sweet, funny, and a tribute to motherhood and River. Have to get a new plan for a trip when I am out of this wheelchair! From River's Grandma and Grandpa Bear

IrisLillie said...

To me he looks like a SnuggleBear.. but then maybe it's cuz I just don't get enough "face time with my little grand-man as Mike and Cheryl would say...