Sunday, April 20, 2008


Evil! What is it? Many describe "Evil" as the absence of love. I describe it as a mad woman running aroung with a dirty pair of underwair on her head. BEHOLD this picture. Many Patriots of our country have lost their dirty undergarments, they've sacrificed their families and emotional well-being in order to bring you this picture. This is FARTHEAD! ! ! We have come across evidence that "Farthead" has been drugging everyone. Making them beleive in a "Fairy Footed Theif", a "Fart Sniffer", "Skids", "Kennseth Lover" and worst and most disturbing an "Uncle Spike". Ah, the last one gives me the squirts just mentioning it. All these other so called criminals are make believe. There is only one Kingpin here. . .FARTHEAD. I cornered Farthead the other night. I asked, "Why, why do you steal and wear peoples dirty underwear on your head. Farthead spoke, but I couldn't understand her because her words sounded more like wet farts exploding from a wild mustangs bum. Must've been Spanish. Anyways, I said "I don't speak Spanish, Farthead". Farthead then let out another verbal gassy aroma and threw a Tootsie Roll at my head. All I have is this picture. Please be ware. The only other evidence I have is the intials M.F. These were the intials imprinted on FARTHEADS moldy undergarments. Actually it M.F. was crossed out. Next to it was the intials M.L. Hummm. . . Maura Flourno. . . No. . Hum. . maybe. . Maura Landingh. . . OH GOD, DEAR GOD NO! !! ! WHAT HAVE I STUMBLED UPON! WHHHYYYYYY! ! ! ! !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bear on "One Shot Presents"

Hey Everyone. Bear is in an episode of "One Shot Presents" this week. It's a weekly web-a-sode on Youtube. A couple friends of ours review comics on the show and do an amazing job. Very entertaining. Anyhow, Bear makes a guest appearance as Bif Castle. Check it out if you get a chance. Just go to YouTube and type in "One Shot Presents Episode Three". Or you can cut and paste this link. . Hope you all like it. Cheers!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Visit

Right before I caught a plane to New Mexico, our friends Scott and Stacia payed us a visit from California. This is a picture of their son Jacen. We didn't have toys for him to play with, but that didn't stop him from finding a way to have fun.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Mexico

I just got back from spending a week in Las Cruces, New Mexico with two of my very best friends. Becca lives in New Mexico with her husband and three kids; Trevor, Natalee and Collin. My other friend Lindsay, traveled from Eugene, Oregon with her son Kai to meet up with us. It was so fun seeing them again. I love them and wish I could take them all home with me. Well, maybe it would be better if they just lived near by!!! I definitely gained an appreciation for my ability to just hop in my car and go whenever I want too. It was crazy planning outings around nap times, breakfast, lunch, dinner, potty breaks and melt downs. That being said, the kids are amazing and my friends are even more amazing Moms. I got off easy and never changed a single diaper! Whew!!! Most of the time, I just had to hold the little one Collin, who happens to be as easy-going as it gets. While we were there, we visited White Sands, a national park formed out of giant dunes of crystal that looks like sand, but thankfully never gets HOT! We also ate at a restaraunt called La Posta, which is the building that was the very first post office. The weather was amazing the entire time and of course Bear told me it started in snowing in Utah again while I was gone. I thought it was sad he was scraping snow, while I was getting a tan. Well, not that sad!