Sunday, April 20, 2008


Evil! What is it? Many describe "Evil" as the absence of love. I describe it as a mad woman running aroung with a dirty pair of underwair on her head. BEHOLD this picture. Many Patriots of our country have lost their dirty undergarments, they've sacrificed their families and emotional well-being in order to bring you this picture. This is FARTHEAD! ! ! We have come across evidence that "Farthead" has been drugging everyone. Making them beleive in a "Fairy Footed Theif", a "Fart Sniffer", "Skids", "Kennseth Lover" and worst and most disturbing an "Uncle Spike". Ah, the last one gives me the squirts just mentioning it. All these other so called criminals are make believe. There is only one Kingpin here. . .FARTHEAD. I cornered Farthead the other night. I asked, "Why, why do you steal and wear peoples dirty underwear on your head. Farthead spoke, but I couldn't understand her because her words sounded more like wet farts exploding from a wild mustangs bum. Must've been Spanish. Anyways, I said "I don't speak Spanish, Farthead". Farthead then let out another verbal gassy aroma and threw a Tootsie Roll at my head. All I have is this picture. Please be ware. The only other evidence I have is the intials M.F. These were the intials imprinted on FARTHEADS moldy undergarments. Actually it M.F. was crossed out. Next to it was the intials M.L. Hummm. . . Maura Flourno. . . No. . Hum. . maybe. . Maura Landingh. . . OH GOD, DEAR GOD NO! !! ! WHAT HAVE I STUMBLED UPON! WHHHYYYYYY! ! ! ! !


Anonymous said...

ill squirt something on your fart head

mom said...

I made a rude comment about ML and her mother but the darn thing wouldn't let me post it