Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bear on "One Shot Presents"

Hey Everyone. Bear is in an episode of "One Shot Presents" this week. It's a weekly web-a-sode on Youtube. A couple friends of ours review comics on the show and do an amazing job. Very entertaining. Anyhow, Bear makes a guest appearance as Bif Castle. Check it out if you get a chance. Just go to YouTube and type in "One Shot Presents Episode Three". Or you can cut and paste this link. . Hope you all like it. Cheers!


jessica said...

I watched that webisode....though, I must say I felt rather mislead by that screenshot on the front. I watched the whole thing 3 times through before I realized the New Kids weren't going to be in it.


I thought you did a good job. It was funny. Though, I hope you used some sort of fake corn syrup/dirt mixture instead of actual McRib sauce (that stuff'll kill a man).

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Lil commenting on her own blog again...jealous!

Anyway, I'm glad I read your comment, because I was still looking for the New Kids in the webisode. What a jip!