Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Down

Ash at two months...

He has had a few nights of 5-6 hour sleep stretches, but usually reverts back to 3 hours.

He smiles a lot, especially at the toys above him on his swing or anyone that is talking to him.

He likes to be carried facing outward.

He does not love to take a bottle and puts up quite a fuss.

Not only is he picky about taking bottles, but he has decided he only likes to nurse on the left side.  This makes for some awkward unevenness in my life, if you know what I mean.

He hates binkies.

He likes baths as long as you can keep him really warm with a space heater in the bathroom and the hot water flowing.

We swear he can say hi and I love you. (more like aye and ah oo)

He loves sleeping on people, but is getting more used to his bassinet.

His naps are still all over the place and he's been snapping awake after only 45 minutes.  Boo!

He weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long.  His pediatrician called him a giant.

He mostly wears six month clothing.

His eyes are still blue... we are starting to wonder if they are going to stay blue.  River's didn't change until he was 4 months old, but they weren't quite this blue either.

He mostly gets called Chug Bug, Baby Ash, or Baby Blue Eyes.

He likes to put up his dukes.

His little fists are still tightly clasped and usually have his thumb tucked in between his first two fingers.  That is sign language for potty and we think it's funny, because newborns are always going potty.

His sleeping face is so beautiful and serene.  It does things to my heart that I can't quite express in words.  I love sleeping babies, but this one is breathtaking.

I'm not going to lie, the first month flew by, but this one felt longer.  I think we have made it through a lot of the fussiness, but we're looking forward to month three and four where things usually (not trying to jinx myself) get a little bit easier.

Putting up his dukes.

The usual suspects.

River at two months.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Regression Depression

For me, the hardest thing to deal with as a parent is when your child achieves a momentous milestone (like sleeping five hours straight) and then however long later (3 days) stops doing it.  I blame the many sit-coms I watched growing up that infallibly had a sleep through the night episode if any of the characters became parents.  It has been drilled into my brain that once a child sleeps through the night, all the hilarity (tears) end and sweet, sweet sleep begins, never again being interrupted until the teenage sneaking out episodes begin.

Thankfully, I have been down this road before, so the inconsistent sleep patterns of a wee babe aren't utterly devastating to me like they were the first time around.  I knew better this time, but I will always be an optimist and I had hoped for the best.  Optimist or not, if one more lady at church says their baby slept through the night at five weeks and never fusses while it is awake, I will wipe the floor with her.  Okay, only one mom said that to me, but it is the last thing a Christian woman should say to someone that looks as tired as I do.

Yes, Ash is an easier babe than River.  Yes, I am better prepared with what to expect this time.  Yes, I have already given up any notion of free time... but this is still hard as holy heck and I can't wait for the sweet bliss of a regular sleep schedule to arise.  Taking a 2 hour nap 2 days in a row at the same time and then not doing it again is cruel.  I need to know when I can get stuff done. (Get out of my apartment before I choke to death on the egg shell colored walls.)

P.S.  I am pretty sure I need a 12 step recovery program from the book Babywise.  Even though I haven't picked it up since River was a newborn, I can't get their 3 hour feeding cycle out of my brain and I feel horrible guilt and anxiety every time I feed Ash sooner than that or feed him to put him down for naps.  Other books even say it is okay, but because Babywise was the first sleep book I read and I was in such a desperate place when I read it, it is stuck in my brain like gospel.  Can we say intervention now please?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Golden Oldie

We came across this fun short my husband and friends did in LA. I almost died laughing. Good times! Be sure to turn the volume up.

Sean | Myspace Video

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday Boys

River's 3rd birthday was yesterday and Bear's birthday is today.  This picture was taken a year ago, right before River turned two.  Wow!  A year makes a big difference in a little one.  Since I spent most of the year being pregnant, I didn't keep up on River updates as much as I would have liked.  So here I am, searching my brain, trying to remember all the changes he made over the last year.

The thing I remember most about the very beginning of the "twos"  was fighting over his car seat.  It seemed like overnight he became a pro wrestler and he was not about to let me buckle him in.  Every trip to the grocery store and any other place, started and ended with a battle.  He didn't want me to put him in the seat and he didn't want me to get him out.  Since this was the dead of Winter... I was not amused.  I tried hourly to remind myself this independent streak would be an admirable quality later in life.

Like all parental battles, I'm not sure when it ended, but soon these frustrations were overshadowed by my amazement of new words and phrases and pretty soon whole sentences being spoken on a daily basis.  Suddenly, my little rebel was the smartest person on the entire planet and not only that... he was funny.  One day we were flying back from Missouri and there was a lot of turbulence and he turned to me and said, "Rock and Roll Momma!"  Where did he come up with that?

We spent every day of the summer at the park and I discovered I not only had a brilliant linguist on my hands, but a super capable athlete as well.  I held my breath as he climbed all the way up the plastic mountain by himself... like it ain't no thang... and then he did it again and again.  Going down slides wasn't enough of a challenge, so sliding upside down and backwards became the new game of the day.  I witnessed the twinkle in his eyes as he decided whether or not to jump from higher and higher places.

I got to experience the joy of relationships taking on an important role in his life.  He began to remember his exploits with his friends and ask to see them daily.  They were no longer just a happy surprise should he come across them, but people he cared for and missed when they weren't around.  Hutch, Sofia, Rocky and Neena are asked about constantly and my heart gets warm when I hear, "If Grandma was at River's house that would be so fun Mom."

He handled the biggest change of his life better than I could have hoped for and welcomed a little brother into his home and heart.  It started with him running to the toilet to pretend to throw up, while I was puking with morning sickness.  Then we would compare belly sizes as the baby grew and grew and finally he was able to hold and cuddle (albeit not very gently) with him.  He tries to pacify Ash when he cries and always runs to tell me when baby Ash is sad.  He giggles when he gets cooed at and likes to repeat what Ash says... "Mom, baby says Ahhh."

We still had/have our battles... nap times, bed times, clothes that are "itchy", wearing coats, eating dinner and the great big WAR of using the potty are going to continue into the "threes" I am afraid, but we finished off the year with a happy, healthy boy that could not be more excited to rip open presents, play with friends, ride his bike in the snow with his dad and hold mommy's hand during the scary parts of "Brave".  All in all, the "twos" were way more terrific than terrible and Bear and I continue to increase our ability of blocking out the bad stuff anyways.

Bear is going to get jipped on this post, just like he will probably continue to get jipped with every birthday for the rest of his life.  I'll be honest, after getting things together for the holidays and then mustering a last second birthday celebration for River, I never get anything done for Bear's birthday.... Not that a single person on the planet has an once of party left in them by January 1st, but it would be nice if I could at least order a present on line or something.... maybe next year Bear.  However, we do love you.  Big time!!!  And you look HOT in this picture!  Seriously... I look at it, with you holding our little boy and I think, "How in the world did I get so lucky?"

Last, but not least, Ash turned 6 weeks yesterday as well.  This is more of a milestone for me then him.  I wear six weeks like a badge of honor.  The books say the fussiness peaks at six weeks, so I high five myself on making it halfway to 12 weeks, when babies become happier and sleep longer and I become happier and sleep longer and the world gets all of that rosy color again.  With River, I made a collage of pictures from the first six weeks and I would look at it and think.. I SURVIVED!  It wasn't nearly as dramatic this time around, but I still feel like high fives are called for.  Go me!  2012... we rocked you out of the park!