Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We are off to see these two get married, or as my little boy says, "Unca Luke get mawied."  He doesn't know what that means, except that he gets to ride on an airplane and that is good enough for him.  Last night he woke up three times to tell me what he wanted to bring on the plane... treats, candy, vitamins and what he was going to leave home... his pillow, his blue shoes.

He was so excited, he was borderline crazy.  I'm not lying.  Here's proof.

I won't judge.  I kind of have the same crazed look in my eyes today as I get the last second things for the trip together.  I will try not to have my baby at 35,000 feet, though I saw a tv show once where a woman had her baby on a plane and the airline gave her and her baby free flight benefits for life.  If that was true, it would be tempting.  Flying with kids is EX-PEN-SIVE!

We'll miss Noodle, but thanks to the world's best cat sitter/lion tamer, Robert Andrus, our home and our cat will be safe.  Don't even think about trying to steal my... my.... oh wait, we really don't have anything that valuable, unless you count our baby swing and what kind of person would steal a swing from a baby!  You make me sick.

See, like I said, we're all a little crazy today, but super excited to see friends and family soon and so happy for my brother Luke and his beautiful fiance Kristy!

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