Monday, March 22, 2010

For Pops!

Our little bruiser didn't want to wear a shirt to the party.

Sofia and River weren't to big on their jungle hats.

Try keeping socks on this boy. I dare you.

Ready to run.

Happy birthday to my dear old dad! He turned 60 yesterday. I told him it feels like yesterday we were mocking him with Sally O'Malley's... I'm fifty! Fifty years old! Where have the last ten years gone? My dad has managed to survive many an interesting experience with things such as tar pits and rolled vehicles to make it this far and I'm sure glad he has. I love him and whether his jokes are funny or not, it's always funny watching him laugh at his own jokes. (Mostly his jokes are funny though.) We couldn't be in Kansas City to celebrate with him, but we did score some birthday cake. Our friend Sofia celebrated her first birthday and as a present to my dad, I have pictures of River at the party. (I know... big spender.)
Do you ever have those days where you put your kids to bed and they wake up and look ten times older? That's how yesterday was for me. River looks like he's ready for kindergarten in some of these pictures.


Erica said...

Oh my gosh he is getting so big!!! What a handsome little guy you have!!!

Scott and Stacia said...

I can't believe how old River looks in those pictures!! We are looking forward to seeing you guys--call us so we know what day is good for you guys!!!

Hal Fields said...

A priceless birthday present.

And by the way, that young man is developing a fine looking "table muscle".


The Bears said...

14 lbs of table muscle!!!

annette said...

He really is a handsome little munchkin! I want to smell his precious baby head.