Monday, June 2, 2008

Brooke's Return

Over Memorial Day weekend, my friend Brooke Brandt made a special stop in Salt Lake to see us. This was an extra special visit, because she was making the long anticipated return home from her 3 month stay in Africa and 2 month stay in Switzerland. This added up to over five months in which we not only couldn't see her, but we weren't even able to talk on the phone. Being incommunicato for that long, I had been imagining all sorts of disastrous events involving Lions and Tigers. As it turns out, I should have been more worried about the baboons... and not the baboons hurting Brooke, but Brooke hurting the baboons, since shoving them out of her car is a favorite hobby of hers. Okay, it only happened once, but still!!!
While she was here, we stayed up way to late every night and talked and talked and talked. Honestly, we did so much talking, we forgot to take very many pictures and by the time we remembered to take some we were so tired we couldn't get off the floor. The picture of Brooke and Bear is a mockery of a mutual friend's picture, but I liked it so much it had to be included in the blog. Please note, it is rare that Brooke and I have the same hair color. Mine is dyed darker and hers is sun-bleached from the African sun. This is big news people, big news. Even bigger than the baboon car-jacking!

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BJB said...

Love this blog, probably your best! HAHAHA! So funny and cute. Can't believe you dedicated a whole blog to moi, I feel so special. Thanks Willis! Love ya!