Wednesday, May 13, 2009

28 Is Great

Who: Jessica Lynn Fields
What: Birthday
When: May 14th
Where: Wherever you are.
Why: Because she's the best sister ever to exist!
Right now the pot of poisonous stew in my belly is at a simmer, instead of a rolling boil, so I thought I'd take a quick second to post a birthday message to my sweet little sister. Her birthday is not till tomorrow, but I worried if I waited, my brief window of opportunity would close and her birthday post would go the way of my awesome Mother's Day post. What Mother's Day post you ask... exactly!
5 Reasons I Love My Sister Today
1. She sends me cute Mother's Day packages in the mail.
2. She looks for apartments for me, while I'm too sick to get on the computer.
3. She lets me know the word I was looking for is "voila"not"walla", but does it in a nice way, so I don't feel stupid.
4. She is my go to person in any political debate and her treasure trove of knowledge makes me come across smarter and more informed than I am.
5. She names the mice in her apartment and spends hours setting them free, when exterminators set glue traps for them. Thank goodness for Vaseline and Q-tips.
Happy Birthday Jessica-I Love You!


IrisLillie said...

Sets the mice free....... OH NO!!!

Where on Earth did she get that mentality??!!

Jessica Fields said...

I'm pretty sure that I learned the ins and outs of freeing wild animals (even those deemed to be pests) from my Mom. It is a testament to Dad's patience that he allowed the myriad stray cats and dogs and birds with broken wings to take up residence for a time. :)

Thank you for the great birthday shout out Lil. It made me smile and feel loved (which was hopefully it's goal). I read it on my birthday but I didn't want to pay the international roaming charges in order to post something back. I'm glad you felt well enough to type it up!