Monday, October 18, 2010

9 Months In, 9 Months Out

This post is a little late in coming, because Mom just had to figure out how to do collages. Seriously Mom, isn't one picture of me enough? We don't want to send the blogosphere into sugar shock. By the way, all the fantastic pics were taken by Marianne Wiest, the rest were taken by Mom. (She tries.)

So where do I start? Now that I am 9 months and three weeks old, it's hard for me to remember clear back to when I was only 9 months. I got a second tooth. Which if you look at these bath photos close enough, you can see the nubbin just starting to pop through.

It was another birthday on the road. This time it was in Kalispell, Montana. We went to Glacier National Park and since I LOVE being outside, it was perfect. As a bonus, I hear we missed a pretty nasty heatwave. Thank goodness, because us Bears do not do well in direct sunlight.

We were visiting Andy and Marianne Wiest. Everyone was so excited, because they just found out they are having a baby. I'm hoping for a girl. (wink, wink) Mariandy, for short, have a dog Maggie. I couldn't get enough of her. She had me laughing so hard, mom had to take me away to catch my breath. I love animals. Did I mention my homegirl Brooke was there too. She always buys me the best clothes. Thank goodness my mom has friends with style... you should see some of the things she puts me in. Just kidding mom! You know I like being naked the best.

I'm getting a little more attached to my mom and dad. I give strangers the once over now before I let them hold me and I definitely want to be in eye sight of my parents. This doesn't mean I'm not social. I just prefer people my own age. These guys were all born right around my birthday. They can crawl all over the place. Not me though. I wiggle, swim in place, roll and squirm, until someone takes pity on me and gets me what I want.
The milestone I am the best at is protesting. It really is a talent. I had to learn the fine art of making all these faces and using different volumes and lengths of squeals. Good thing I learn pretty fast. I still have one wake up at night to nurse and I stay on my schedule better on vacation, then I do at home. I think all the fun people and places wear me out. Besides chocolate, my favorite thing to eat is yogurt. My favorite baby food is peaches and if I have to have a veggie, I like sweet potatoes. I also like pickles. Do those count as a veggie? Mom has this thing about me eating veggies, so I do what I can.
I hope you enjoyed hearing about month nine. I'll be back soon, ummm like in a week, to tell you all about month 10. Tune in to find out if I can crawl yet... ba, ba, bmmm!


Beandip said...

I am his home girl! I miss him, he is my home boy fo sho! Love the collages, good job Mommy!

IrisLillie said...

I like the pictures OK... they make for a pretty page, BUT......
I prefer single pics that I can snag and then enjoy "owning" them.

Scott and Stacia said...

sWe can't wait to see you guys again. It seems like forever. River is growing up so fast. Love all the pictures!

IrisLillie said...

Well, it's be a week... or three...
River... Let your Mommy sleep so she will have the energy to post more often!!