Saturday, July 6, 2013

Whoop! Hair it is.

It's been hot here.  100 plus for weeks on end hot here.  Still, I am opposed to the standard little boy buzz cut that everyone seems to adhere to during the summer months.  Boys have the rest of their lives to be bald.  I say let them have hair while they can.  The thing is, my River is a sweater and he has been a red-faced, dripping faucet for the last two weeks.  So when my husband said he was going to shave River's head, I couldn't muster my usual furor.  I weakly brought up the fact that we wouldn't shave his head, just because he was hot, if he was girl and when that didn't work, I said, "Your hair is long and you're not shaving it."  Major backfire people!!!



Screech!  Wait!  Hold the phone!  What is happening here???

Oh the stubbornness of the male species.... flaunting their shorn heads and shirtless exteriors while I roast away.

I have known Bear since 2001 and I have never, ever seen his hair this short.  I think I might have a few scare moments where I think there is an intruder in my house, but both my guys are still handsome devils.  Now excuse me while I go cry into Ashy Boy's beautiful blonde locks.  I kid.  I kid.


Erica & Benjamin said...

Oh, Bear looks SO good! I love his short hair!!!!

susan said...

That was a shock! I haven't seen it that short since he was 8 years old! He and River look nice and cool and handsome! Grandpa Bear says he is having me do the same to his hair tomorrow.

Jessica Lynn said...

It is shocking to see Bear with his hair that short. Though, he and River both have pretty (handsome?) enough faces to pull it off.

I'm glad you have Baby Ash so you still have at least one set of luscious locks to get your through the summer.