Thursday, August 22, 2013

35 Things

Last year, on my 34th birthday, I quickly scribbled down 35 things I wanted to do during my 35th year of life.  I then put them in the front pocket of my purse to keep them safe, until I got home from Wyoming.  I'm sure all of you wise readers can guess what I just now stumbled across eight months later, leaving me less than four months to reach my goals.

I debated throwing the list away and trying again next year, but what the heck, let's give it the good ol' shot it deserves... or I deserve.  Plus, I can cross of two of them already!  That's like half way there... ish.

Warning... The list is not sexy.  It is not a lifelong bucket list filled with exotic, faraway places.  It is merely a list of things that I really wanted to fit in amid the baby food splatters and bedtime battles.  When making the list, I debated a few things like learning to ride a motorcycle, or paragliding.  I don't claim to have the most adventurous life, but I've already rappelled down elevator shafts, ridden 120 miles an hour on the back of a bullet bike... in a canyon... at night, skinny dipped in a mountain lake under a full moon, jumped off a higher cliff than all the boys and out of an airplane too.  So, I'm all good in the daredevil department for now. Whatever force of nature used to drive me to drink adrenaline has been replaced by stronger than life attachment hormones.  I just can't participate in anything that could take me away from my babies.

Without further adieu, here is my sort of boring, not sexy, please don't confuse me with just a daily to-do list, list of 35 things I want to do during my 35th year-

1.       Switch to cloth diapers
2.       Set and stick to a family budget
3.       Buy first home
4.       Get a backyard for my boys
5.       Take the LSAT
6.       An overnight trip with just my husband
7.       Take Krav Maga classes
8.       Figure out a system to back up photos
9.       Update the boy’s baby books
10.   Do a session in the Logan Temple
11.   Do a session in the Kansas City Temple
12.   Take a photography class
13.   Go to a concert with my husband
14.   Renew my passport
15.   Travel to a new place
16.   Get at least one stamp in my passport
17.   Attend a self-improvement class/retreat/workshop
18.   Run a race
19.   Get my concealed weapons permit
20.   Buy a gun
21.   Stop using plastic water bottles
22.   Dye my hair purple
23.   Read the Book of Mormon in a month
24.   Take a photo shop class
25.   Overhaul my ward robe with a stylist
26.   Create a post-partum blog
27.   Camp overnight in a tent with the boys
28.   Read a Jane Austen novel
29.   Print a hard copy of my blog
30.   Add to my family
31.   Finally see the Redwoods, since my family went without me
32.   Work on my junk/therapy
33.   Start a business
34.   Record family stories
35.   Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

      Krav Maga, guns, permits???  Why yes, I am preparing for World War Z.  Don't hate.  Appreciate!

P.S. If I hadn't been so entirely consumed by trying to do #3 and #4 I would have more of these done by now.  Wish me luck!


Iris said...

You might add posting aa age slide for Ash to your list. Poor little guy doesn't have one.

Candice said...

You are inspiring me...I am going to copy some of these.