Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Stalking

I have absolutely wasted the day.  I have done nothing but check emails, facebook posts and text messages for any mention of this little guy.  I definitely qualify as his first facebook stalker.  Who knew that having one of your siblings have a baby was almost as emotional as having your own baby.  Though I doubt Luke was glued to the computer the day I had River.  Oh well... I guess that makes me Crazy Aunt Lil.  I'm cool with it!

Meet Liam Quinn Fields.  He is short, dark and handsome with some Irish fire behind those cries.

I can't wait to hold him.  Newborns can't do much, but sleepy babies with heavy heads on those wobbly necks are manna to my soul.  They are chocolate covered kittens purring on a crisp fall day that smells like Christmas... aka.... All the best things rolled into one.

I am blessed.