Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I guess you're not supposed to have a blog unless you have children or are really smart and witty, but I'm tired of my family being left out. This blog will mainly provide updates on our little family for those short on cell phone minutes or just too busy to call.


Iris said...

You can also have a blog if you are a bitter back biting humanoid that seems to like politics, or if you have some strange disease that rare.
Having neither kids, diseases or liking politics... this better be witty!!!

Michael Fields said...

Hey guys I like the Idea of being able to keep up with what is going on with everyone.

Lil I think you should club that bastard when he bites you. I am not talking about bear.

I had a dream a couple days ago that you are pregnant with twins. I think that would be great. Please confirm.

Allrightthen I must get some rest. Love Uncle Mike

The Bears said...

Mom... I'll try to be witty. At any rate, I'll be better at the wit than confirming twins. Sorry Uncle Mike... no can do!

Noodle only bites me, because he loves me!