Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting this Going

I didn't email the address for this blog to anyone after the first post, because I was afraid it would be awhile till I could get to it again. Looks like I was right. Hopefully I will be better about it and I finally gave Bear the logon info so he could post too, because he is better at keeping up on these things than me. Unfortunately, he only post late at night after he gets home from work, so most of his posts won't make sense. Just smile and write nice comments, so he feels good about himself.
Most of you probably know all this stuff, but I wanted to start the blog off with a brief historical summary.

We married in Paskenta, California on September 9, 2006.

We went to Kauai on our honeymoon. I highly reccommend it. I don't know about the other islands of Hawaii, but this one live up to all the hype.

Shortly after that, we moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, UT. We miss our friends, but do not miss the traffic, pollution or over-all caliber of people that seem drawn to L.A.

We are currently enjoying life. As always, we are trying not to work too hard. Bear is working for UPS and I'm working for a local health/supplement store. We have a couple of movie oppurtunities coming up that will hopefully pan out. We always love to see family and friends, so stop on by. Believe us, we love to take trips... so we'll be trying to get out and see all of you. Noodle says hi and is mad he was only featured in one picture! Now he's biting me...GOTTA GO!!!


Jessica said...

I can understand Noods' complaint. Even Andres got one photo....

Speaking of, Andres gets one picture but your most favorite sister gets approximately none? That doesn't seem right. Next time we're in the same timezone I'm gonna stop by and BITE YOU!!!!

The Bears said...

You didn't get a pic, because you are getting a whole post completely dedicated to you... just got work on it a little more... hee, hee!