Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snowboarding Adventure

Jessica came to visit me a couple weeks ago and we went snowboarding. Although not quite the crazy adventure Sarah had skiing through mine shafts, we had a lot of fun. I hadn't been snowboarding since I left my lovely Logan, UT six years ago and Jessica had never been. I had quite the re-learning curve of my own and might not have been the best teacher/snowboard instructor for Jessica, but we both came out alive!

Please notice Jessica's excellent form in this picture on the right. She was picking up the sport very fast. Neither one of us fell getting off the lift, which is a major accomplishment for a first timer and all was going well, untill...

She built up a little too much speed. Someone should have taught her to carve! Oops... Oh well, being the loving sister I am, I made sure to ask her if she was alright before pulling out the camera and taking pictures of her wipeout!

I still get a kick out of how posed she looked while laying in the snow trying not to die. Note to Jessica... invest in ski school. Note to everyone else... don't have me teach you how to snowboard!
Like I said before, we made it out alive with no visible scars or permanent brain damage. We had a lot of fun and all are welcome to visit and try out your skills with the board. Although, it's usually not the board that's the problem, it's the mountain!!!

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jessica said...

This trip was a lot of fun, in spite of my injuries!

I think I look really good in the picture of me on the ground. From now on, that's the only angle I'm allowing people to photograph me from. :)

I can't wait to go out snowboarding again. But, this time, I'm going to spend a little more time learning to carve/slow down before I go take on those double-black diamonds....