Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Holy Days

So I don't really know if St. Patrick's Day counts as a holy day, but I thought I'd share some pictures from this weeks holidays. Okay, so I don't have any pictures from Easter, but it was fun. We had dinner with friends. Who wants to see pictures of a bunch of people eating anyway! Here are our pictures from our St. Patty's extravaganza....

Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like green food dye in an energy drink and heading off to work!!!

Robert Andrus and me proving you don't need a suntan if you're Irish!

Noodle representing his colors. Okay, so I know it's mean, but I only made him wear it for the picture. Back of PETA! So much for our extravaganza, it was more like Robert Andrus came over right after I got off work and right before Bear left for work and we desperately celebrated anyway we could, but doesn't that describe most parties??? Hope you all had a great weak.


jessica said...

Ummm...of course it counts as a holy day...it's SAINT Patrick's Day. Of course, this year it was technically on the 15th. The Catholic church moved it because they didn't want it to conflict with Holy Monday on the 17th....but we heathen Irish stopped listening to Rome a looooooong time ago!

I like that Noods is wearing the green. Nice to know that he's representing!

mom said...

Do you think that you can fool me...energy drink with green dye...maybe beer with green dye!
Now that I have figured out how to leave comments...you guessed it I will always be leaving something

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the blog! I miss you guys sooooooooooo much and miss St. Patricks Day get togethers as well. Jealous! Wish I was there:( At least I didn't totally miss out, South Africa celebrates too, although they spell St. Patricks Day wrong (Snt. Patric's Dai) Can't wait til I get to see you gines again!


Anonymous said...
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ryan said...

Does Robert have an email addy?