Sunday, July 20, 2008

Biff is back on "One Shot Presents"

Biff Castle (yours truly) is back! Watch as Biff, Tiger and Brick fight corruption and make the world a better place to live (not really) You’ll laugh, you cry, you’ll realize these three are a bunch of clowns. Check out “One Shot Presents” new episode at:

Once again, thanks for watching these guy’s show. It’s extremely entertaining! Don't forget to get the word out. I appreciate it and I know Brick and Tiger do as well! Cheers,


The Bears said...

Oh Husband... I'm so proud!!!

Jessica said...

Glad to see you're not falsely advertising the presence of New Kids on the Block with this appearance...though, it did seem like at least a few of the Village People showed up there at the end.

I thought the review was very helpful, but I'm still not sure which graphic novel Biff was reviewing....still, the colors were nice, so it gets 3 stars out of 3 (we dropped the other two stars in an effort to conserve and help save the environment).