Friday, July 18, 2008

Right on Target

I was doing a little reading and learned that Sagitarius's are apparently the clumsiest sign in the Zodiac. Don't laugh. You would be clumsy too if you were half horse, half man and had to lug a big bow everywhere you went. As I was contemplating this, I thought this can't possibly be true, I mean after all I've done back handsprings on a balance beam and giants on bars, I couldn't possibly be clumsy. Then I thought back to Kindergarden when my teacher considered holding me back because I couldn't skip in a straight line and even further back to when my mom took me to the doctor and he tested my inner ears, which control balance, because I kept falling flat on my face for no reason and then I thought of all the bruises I'm currently sporting from door knobs that keep jumping in my way and I came to the conclusion that I might be clumsy, but I still couldn't possibly be the clumsiest in the whole zodiac!

Then I started roller-skating for an upcoming film and all that changed! I've never fallen so much in my life. Last week I had two huge, home alone style falls. The kind where your feet come completely out from under you and you land flat on your back! The first fall had the added bonus of pulling Bear down on top of me. For some reason being a gymnast, diver and dancer in my past has not added one bit of grace to help me along the way and both Robert Andrus and Bear are picking it up much faster than me. My goal is just to be in one piece when filming begins. The good news for the movie is despite being clumsy, Sagitarius's look amazingly graceful when they get things right. Thank goodness Death, Rattle and Roll is a movie and not a play. I might need a few takes!

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Heidi said...

I've been wondering what you were up to. Thanks for the email about your blog -- I had fun reading it. I sent you an invite to ours, if you are interested. So what are you filming that requires roller skates?