Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's that Annie?

The sun will come out tomorrow. I sure hope so. It's been about a week since I've posted. This time it wasn't because I was too busy. I've actually been extremely unbusy this last week. I just haven't had anything nice to say and well... we all remember Bambi.

The horrible inversion hasn't helped my mood. I keep going for walks and coming back with a headache and an itchy throat, instead of rested and invigorated. I read a book. It was good, informative and ultimately not all that life changing. I tried to read people's blogs and status updates to cheer me up, but they were all political and that is just not my favorite subject right now. However, I did laugh out loud when I opened an email full of actual mug shots and all the people in them were wearing Obama tee shirts. Come on... no matter your political affiliation, you can see the irony in that one. Well maybe not.

Enough moaning and groaning. I have two days of work standing between me and going to Kansas City this weekend for Christmas! We're always a little behind when it comes to deadlines in my family. Whoohoo! I can make it through two days.

FYI... I was told they decided to cast ethnic for the roll I auditioned for. Disney always does that. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but I am saying if you are ethnic and even have an inkling of desire to act... UTAH is the state for you. High demand, little competition=$$$$ for you. Take advantage. I, on the other hand, will be moving to Tokyo where blonds are all the rage.


Candice said...

We will miss you. However, they dress very Hello Kitty in Tokyo, and that would be a good look.

You will also be missed (unless you continue to post) when you go to Kansas for Christmas.

I love how you Bears go against the rules and celebrate major holidays anytime you want.

Andrew and I are having a St. Patricks day weekend in honor of you.

Jensens said...

Inversion bums me out, too. We've been fortunate that we haven't had more of it this year (trying to stay positive).

Have fun and be safe on your trip.

Annette said...

Have a Merry Christmas in Kansas...Hope this will be a nice break for you out of the inversion. I work up above Foothill after work I went for a little walk up the hill. The sun was shining and it was nice. But then I came down in the valley & yuck, yuck, yuck. Sunshine is one of my best friends. I hope you find some in Kansas. Maybe we should all get together and celebrate that January is almost over, at least that would be something to celebrate. Have Fun...

The Bears said...

Clarification-By Kansas City... I meant Missouri, not Kansas. There is a BIG difference.

Also, while the Bears are rebels, it's my side (The Fields) that celebrate holidays and birthdays whenever they feel/get around to it.

Lastly, Candice and Drew you picked my 2nd favorite holiday to celebrate this weekend. Make it a good one.

IrisLillie said...

MISSOURI..... Geeeze Louise.. Kansas City (the CITY) is in MISSOURI..

For those that are not well read on the boarder war... to call us Kansains is fighting words..

The city in Missouri, came first.. that lame state to the west of us came AFTER Kansas City was chartered.

It will be nice to have Christmas done... my neighbors are really thinking me lazy with the tree still up... Won't the wonder when it starts being lit up again this week....

Annette said...

I new that, my husband served his mission there, just wasn't paying any attention. By the way - Annie was right, the sun did come out is wonderful and feels so warm...and makes me happy!