Monday, July 13, 2009

Self Control

I'm not a fan of waiting a month in between doctor appointments. Normally, I resent anything that intrudes on my free time. (Work, appointments, meetings, errands, etc...) However, when it come to the baby, I would check in at the doctors once a day if I could. I like to hear the heart beat. It makes me happy and calm. I have refrained from buying one of the home heart monitors. A. Because I would listen to it all the time and nothing else would get done. And B. Because we're not rich and it's not necessary. Or so the little voice in my head keeps telling me. I'm proud of myself for not giving into me my obsessiveness, but should a monitor magically show up at my door, I would not turn it down. Wink, wink.
I don't have much to update. We're slowly getting the new apartment together. I'll have a couple good days in a row and then I'll puke like crazy for a couple. I'm trying to just be thankful for the good ones. I did finally gain two pounds, so some of the calories are staying in. I'm trying to get used to my new ward. It's not bad, just different, like having Thanksgiving Dinner with someone else's family and it tastes fine, but not as good as your mom makes it.
Speaking of church, it occurred to me this Sunday, that pretty soon I will have a little church buddy. I've never been a fan of going to church by myself. I miss attending with my family in K.C. and my friends up in Logan. A smile came to my face and then I took a good look around at all the frantic moms trying to keep their kids quiet, or at least in their seats. Hmmm... maybe I should really indulge in these last few months of peaceful church attendance. Naw... my kid is going to be an angel!


Candice said...

I understand the desire to see a doctor every few days...and I do not like doctor visits.

Right now, enjoy marking your scriptures, sitting on the front row in Sunday School, and sitting through and entire Sacrament Meeting. There are some great aspects...the mother's room is the best kept secret in the church. Who would not want to listen to Sacrament Meeting in a Lazy Boy rocker? But you might also be pacing the halls for 18 months. Well, you probably won't because your boy is going to be so good, but some people will.

Chrislynn said...

He will be an angel, for at least the first couple weeks. Enjoy the alone time and just know that you won't be able to pay attention in church for the next 18 years.

annette said...

You're looking at this all wrong. Pretty soon you're going to have a GREAT excuse to leave church if the talks get too boring or if you decide you'd rather be at home in your pajamas. Let the baby act up every once in a while. When you get up and walk out, all you'll get are sympathetic smiles.

Also, I understand the need to hear that heartbeat all the time. Mike and I used to go to his clinic after hours once a week and listen to it. If you find yourself in Canada while you're prego, come on by. We'll hook you up ;)

Jen said...

Those at-home heart monitors don't work anyway. I bought one when I was pregnant with Davy and never got the thing to register more than the artery in my abdomen.

Going to church by yourself with a baby is really quite fun. It's a great excuse to do nothing but sit quietly and hold the baby while being spiritually fed. It's going to church with a toddler by yourself that is more like a full-contact sport. With two toddlers, it's like wrestle-mania. Yea for drill weekends... ;)

Sasha said...

Wow congratulations! I don't update my blog much so I am glad to hear from you when I do. Im so happy for you!

IrisLillie said...

I just remember seeing the Mills in church... all those kids lined up sitting quietly.. No game books, no cars to make vroom vroom noises too, no cheerios.. just sitting (or sleeping).

I think you decide how the kids will act and what is acceptable..

If you expect them not to be able to sit and be quiet... (even when they do it in school) I guarantee they wont sit still.

I had to laugh at the way Shane couldnt sit a whole hour in church... but he was a little to old for me to tell him to just hold it.

Joleen said...

Lil, I am SO thrilled to hear that you are getting a little son! Congratulations to both of you. Thank goodness for the internet, so we can at least keep tabs on each other. Best wishes with your pregnancy. It can be a challenge.