Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've had them all day and not the quiet, cute kind. Mine keep scaring my cat. Annoying! I need someone to come over and scare them out of me. I'd say, "Let's plan it.", but that wouldn't be very scary then.
Thanks to all my supportive friends, who obviously have more faith in my abilities than I do. Or maybe you just want to laugh at me on t.v. I guess I need a font to let you know when I'm kidding. From here on out, italics means joking/sarcasm/never going to happen. Here are the top 3 reasons I did NOT audition for So You Think You Can Dance.
3. It was a very long line.
2. It was a billion degrees outside.
1. I hate being laughed at, especially by people with British accents.
I guess I'll just have to pursue my dancing/Olympic gold medal dreams vicariously through my children. My acting dreams I'm still clinging tightly to for myself.
On a more serious note, I started off my day by reading a very disturbing article I was sent. For some reason, when you're pregnant, people feel compelled to relay the most horrific stories to you. As if we don't have enough fears swirling around in our own minds. Anyway, this was extra bad and I couldn't shake it. I needed some real upliftment and then I read this blog post. It touched my heart, so I thought I'd share. None of us are immune to personal tragedy, but love really does conquer all.


Kevin Doyle said...

I think you're a great dancer and, you know, maybe you would have had a shot being 'the pregnant one.'

There's always a hook when it comes to these shows.

Candice said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree with Kevin that 'the pregnant one' would have been the best hook yet for the show.

Their loss. They should not have put mean British people as judges...and the tryouts should have been in January.