Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Skinny

I didn't dress up for Halloween this year. Let me rephrase that. I didn't purposely dress up for Halloween this year. While hanging out at my friends' house tonight, I caught site of myself in the mirror. With my huge belly, gray sweats and raggedy flannel, I bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain man living in a van down by the river... aka... an accidental Chris Farley.
To top that off, I had my monthly doctors appointment yesterday. He informed me that I was about four pounds too rich. Since we don't live in England, I'm assuming that is polite doctorese for slow down on the carbs Fatty!
I handled this information in the only way I knew how. By finally getting my donut that I've been craving all month. Chocolate, with chocolate frosting and orange sprinkles... it was just like I dreamed it. Happy Halloween!!! I hope it's a rich one.


Scott and Stacia said...

I craved donuts when I was pregnant, too. Yummy!! Your baby will appreciate it!!

The Palmers said...

Good for you!

Jen said...

Tell your doctor to bite you because seriously, you're pregnant at the greatest time of year. No reason not to indulge. Extra slice of pie at Thanksgiving? Thank you and I'll take mine with ice cream. Extra Christmas cookie? I'll take 5. After a Dec 18th baby and a Jan 23rd baby, this whole giving birth in October thing sucks. Means I have to show some restraint while trying to lose the extra poundage. ENJOY IT!

Bickham Fam said...

He can stick his "rich" comment up his... The very idea that every single woman on the planet should fit into the 25-35 gain is insane. You are beautiful and just ask Hannah--donuts make yummy milk. she would know, I ate 8 at my friends halloween party! They were homemade and soooo good. Hannah seemed to smile the whole time afterwards.

Alisha Eversole said...

Just so you know, your blog is one of my favorites to catch up on. I save it for last :)