Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Thankfully, I was exempt from mood swings while I was pregnant. I had one breakdown the entire time and it was on a VERY hot day. Anyone who has lived with me can verify that I am prone to breakdowns on extremely hot days, so it really couldn't be blamed on the pregnancy. I am, however, trying to make up for lost time in this post partum stage of things. My emotions have been all over the place. I hate feeling crazy, but that's exactly what I feel like. A walking time bomb about to erupt into tears at any moment. Not depression mind you, but far from calm... I heard this was a possibility, but as always, thought it wouldn't happen to me.
Lack of sleep and my mom and sister returning home have not helped and I've spent the majority of today trying to keep snot from running down my face onto my baby's head. I give my wonderful husband mad props for not only not thinking I'm crazy, but actually telling me I'm doing a great job. He says it so realistically, I believe him. Yet another reason I love being married to an actor. Of course, I have been mostly ecstatic over our newest addition, but I can't wait till these hormone thingies level out. Geez Louise... it's like I'm menopausal.
Well, my husband is waiting to wipe our hard drive yet again. Curse you virus makers! I'll try not to cry about it and in the mean time I'll share a couple pics with you, because who knows how long it will take me to get them reloaded. For all you moms out there, let me know how long it took you to regain some normalcy and if anything helped you get there. If you didn't have any emotional issues, it's okay, I'll try not to cry about that either. No promises!

River on his boppy.

River showing off his manicure... man those baby nails grow fast and sharp.


Selissa said...

Just hang in there Lil! It does end. It took me about 6 months to finally feel sane after my first. Doctors usually say up to a year. Just remember it's normal. River is so adorable! You are a great mom!

Chrislynn said...

That is one cute boy!!! (and baby nails do grow super fast!)

I think the best thing you can do for yourself is get as much sleep as possible, which I know sounds impossible, but you have to get it when you can. Resist the urge to "get things done" while he naps and take naps yourself. It will help you feel better physically and mentally. Hang in there!

annette said...

I had wicked mood swings after Lil G was born. In fact, I most definitely swung into PPD territory. It's scary and awful.

All I can say is, I believe your husband: you ARE doing a great job. Make sure you EAT, make sure you SLEEP and make sure you talk to other adults during the day. Call family and call friends. They'll help you feel more sane.

It's different for everyone, some people get through the baby blues within the first month and some people deal with it for a lot longer. Just don't beat yourself up.

You're a mom, which means you're a superhero!

Bickham Fam said...

I can't get over his cuteness! I've already discussed the current topic extensively with you but you will come out a champion (just imitate Rivers champion arms after he breaks from his swaddle and if nothing else- penis and boobs. (for everyone else- it's a totally funny kidism story not trying to be lewd or anything. One more thing- Robert is an actor but is not acting when he says you are doing a great job. You are. You are being the best mommy ever! I am so proud of you! It's only hard because it is so worth it!