Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You Ready

For an onslaught of pictures? Today I'm celebrating 2 months of baby cuteness. Actually, at this point I was still in labor... but close enough. Our families don't live by us, so you'll have to indulge in the baby pictures and videos for the next little bit. You know, for the next 18 years. I can't remember what I wrote about before the baby anyway. The first three picture are today (8 weeks) and they go backwards to day one. Enjoy!

(Burrr... it's still Winter.)

(Yes she does.)

(Does this bib make me look fat?)

(Who dressed me and what did I do to make her mad?)

(Tummy Time)

(I finally fit into my outfit... just in time for Chinese New Year.)

(Not going to wake up... no matter what you do mom.)

(I don't feel like finishing nursing... I'm just going to take it easy for awhile.)

(Not my best angle, but River looks cute.)

(Just saying my prayers.)

(River and Zander... cousins born four days apart.)

(Ready for a walk.)

(Go Chiefs! Go Dolphins! Wait a minute... who are the Saints and Colts?)

(Perfect face.)

(I miss Grandma and Aunt Jessica.)

(For Sparta!)

(My first piece of mail. It's official... I exist.)

(My doula Emily.)

(My first bath at home.)

(PKU... how mean.)

(Kisses for my ladies.)

(Keep it down mom... I'm sleeping for the last time.)

Has it been 2 seconds or 10 years? I can't decide. One thing I know, breastfeeding has been super stressful for me. I'm constantly worried about whether or not River's getting enough to eat. When he spits up, I worry that it might have been his full meal. Looking at these pictures, I think River's getting more than enough. What a chunky monkey!!!


Jen said...

He's sure cute! I can't believe how dark he is! I think you make cream judging by how round he is. And the angle of his first bath at home looks like he's peeing on daddy. I had to look twice to see that it was the faucet. :)

Sasha said...

River is adorable! Love the videos. It's hard to believe they get so chubby so fast!

Chrislynn said...

That is one gorgeous baby Lil!

Bickham Fam said...

I know that I have four kids but I want him! He looks so much like one of my babies in the picture in that sitting thingy. You don't need to worry about breastfeeding judging by his size! However he may start trying to grab your steak sandwhich soon-- I don't think that boy is going to wait too long past 6 months for real food! Good job momma!

Hal Fields said...

Thanks for the pix. How many chins does that boy have, anyway? I count two, but I think a third one may be hidden underneath the bib.


IrisLillie said...


Luke wants to know if you folded River's hands together... He and his girl maintain those folded hands look posed...

I agree with the majority of comments... VISUALLY River appears to be getting PLENTY of food.

Love.... Grandmommy

Anjanette said...

He is adorable. He certainly looks like he is getting enough to eat. Looks like you are a pro.

Scott and Stacia said...

He is such a doll!! We can't wait to finally meet him! Every nursing mother worries, but I think he is doing more than just fine. I love chunky babies!!