Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Other Kitty

Meet Kiss Kiss.

He is the other kitty in our lives. Noodle didn't take too well to him at first. I'm not joking. He nervously army crawled over to him, got face to face and then Kiss Kiss must have moved or something, because our brave Noodle jumped about ten feet in the air and ran under the bed. I digress... Although Noodle and Kiss Kiss got off to a rough start, River LOVES Kiss Kiss.

River loves Kiss Kiss so much, he will actually roll over if you put Kiss Kiss just out of reach. Yes, I use my babes toys as bait.

Together again.... Thanks Great Aunt Camille for my Kiss Kiss.

No Kiss Kiss in the last photo, just a heart breaker! Sweet Dreams All.


Candice said...

Poor Noodle. First River, then Kiss Kiss. Next thing you know you will have a live Jaguar in your home for him to compete with.

I am not worried though. If I were to bet between a battlecat and a jaquar, I would probably vote for the first.

However, if I were to bet between a battlecat and a Kiss Kiss...Kiss Kiss might win

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

It's cool that River still loves Kiss Kiss. I know he seemed to really like the kitty from day one.

I also see in the last photo that River is already reading. That means he takes after his Aunt Jessica.t

Scott and Stacia said...

my first thought was, "they got another cat, would they get another cat". Love Noodles reaction. Too fun! Love all the pictures!

IrisLillie said...

OK, you've been home for over 24 hours...

Time to update!!!