Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Us?

I'll update on the trip later, but for now, I want to sneak in a quick anniversary post while I still have a good forty minutes left to celebrate it. Yes, that's right folks, it has been four years since Bear and I said I do and nine years since I tackled him on the opening day of football season and kissed him first. (It's in print, so it's irrefutable.) My mom told me we should take a picture together every anniversary, so we can scroll through them and see how we've changed over the years. She probably meant for me to have someone else take it, but that's what she gets for not being specific.... a lot of hand held extreme close-ups.

The traditional gift for the fourth anniversary is fruit. We aren't usually the plan ahead big gift givers, so we declared River as our gift to each other, since he is the fruit of our loins.

Did I just say loins on my blog?

Oh and here's some grapes on our eternity donuts, for those of you who don't think loin fruit counts. Okay, what was worse, loin fruit or eternity donuts???
Seriously though... I love you Robert Bear.


IrisLillie said...

It's about time...
I will take your snide little comments as a compliment...
Hand held cameras count these days.. your next camera should have that front veiw screen so there will be no more half-husband shots...

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

I was trying to figure out why River looked like a Grumpus in the first picture.

Then I got to the last photo and the answer became apparent.

TWO donuts! He must have been sitting there the whole time worrying about the fact that he was going to have to share his two donuts with you guys.

That's when he thought, "Maybe I can convince them to share the grapes and I'll take the two donuts."

Hence, a smile in the second photo!

Candice said...

Loin. I think that is my new favorite word. I have missed you! Happy fruitful anniversary!