Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi guys. It's me River. Mom says I better hurry up and tell you about being eight months, because before you know it, I'll be nine months. I gave her this look to say, I KNOW, but I don't think she understood, because she just pointed to her nose and said Mama's nose.

Anyway... this is the only picture of me on my eight month birthday. Pretty sweet right. I love football... Go Chiefs, Mizzou, Utah State and Wyoming! This picture was taken at my Grandma's house in Wyoming. It was hard for me to remember where I was, because I spent this whole month traveling.

See... I wasn't lying!

Wow... These pics are all over the place. Someone needs to teach my mom to make a collage already. I am really good on planes, as long as I get to nurse on take off and landings. It also helps to have a whole row of seats to just mom and me. That happened on two of our five plane rides.
Sometimes I even sleep on the plane. I have to cover my face, because the lights are so bright. This is something I won't do on road trips. I can't sleep in a car seat anymore, so I just get really tired, fussy and loud. Thankfully, only the last part of this trip involved a car.

We went to Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Colorado and Wyoming. New Mexico was fun, because I got to roll with some big kids. Mom's friend Becca has four. I'm a little sweet on Hannah, but I don't want to say anything until I can crawl. I'm still working on my moves, but one day soon...

This is me at my Mom's favorite restaurant in Kansas City. It's named Andres. Can you believe she put me on the floor? The nerve. Well I made the most of it and kept biting her leg. That's why she calls me one-toothed vampire baby. I bite her when I give kisses too. She's either a big sissy, or my one tooth is pretty sharp, because I sure hear her squeal a lot.

I'm a little naughty, but I am mostly sweet as can be. I make friends wherever I go. This is Abigail. Her mom Heidi was worried she might not want to share, but no one has been able to resist my smile yet. Well... Mom sometimes... but I'm mostly winning that battle. For proof... see the picture below.

No sugar till I'm one... Pah Leeze! Thanks Pops and Nomee. I knew you would be on my side. Rocky Road from Baskin Robbins, no better way to start my sugar addiction.

Time for bed? Yeah right mom. It's time to party!

Nomee showed me a piano that was just my size. I loved it. Music always makes me think of my dad and by this point on the trip, I was really missing him. I'm glad he was making a movie, but three weeks is like 10% of my entire life. I felt better after playing the blues with Nomee.

My mom's cousin Jason has chickens, but he lives in the inner city... Crazy. I got to meet my second cousins Titus and Asher, but the picture won't load. We really hit it off. I also got to meet their Great Dane Truly and she's truly a crazy pup still, so Pops had to hold her.

Then off to Margaret's in Colorado where I got to take a bath in a copper bathtub. You can't tell from my expression, but it was heaven.

It was so shiny, I had a water twin. He was fun to play with, but I kept bonking my head every time I tried to touch him. By the way, do you know what you clean a copper tub with? Ketchup. Hence the name of the post. I bet you thought it was because I was catching you up on the trip. I would never be so obvious.

The tub was heaven, but my bed... aka this box... was not. I was okay with it, until my mom hung a sign on it that said free kittens.

Then to Wyoming, where my dad drove up and met us. Reunited at last.

No offense to mom, but dad gives the best rides.
Some eight month stats off the top of my head at this late hour.
I weigh about 20 pounds. I hate meat pureed baby food. I love pickles. I still like my bjourn more than my stroller, but mom doesn't know how much longer she's going to last. I push things away I don't want, I know how to protest and I love dropping things and looking for them over and over again. I am getting a little more cautious about who I get passed too. No offense, I just really love my mom and dad. I love being outside and it will always calm me down. I would be a tv junkie if my mom let me, but that's always been the case. I love animals, especially Noodle and I can't figure out why he runs every time I go for his tail. I still only have the one tooth, but I've had a few bouts of teething and it's no fun. I usually add a few wake-ups at night and need to be nursed to sleep and sometimes I run a temperature. I say dad, dada, daddy and one time my mom could have sworn I said, "I'm gonna tell my dadeeeeee!!!" When I try and say mom, I say bob. It keeps her on her toes. And on that note... Bobs the word.


Chrislynn said...

Awesome post, River! You are one cute little man!

p.s. Thank your mom for being the only person who still checks my blog.

Candice said...

Copper tub? Ketchup? That is really cool.

I had to nurse Steele on is flights because I was worried about his poor little ears. It worked out fine, until I was seated next to what looked like a grumpy old man on an overbooked flight. He turned out nice, although, I hope that he was not too uncomfortable. Let's face it, not many older men are as nursing savvy as our boys will be.

Jen said...

Wow River. Way to go on the ice cream. Someone once told my mom that the key to not spoiling kids is to discipline grandma. And after spending 2 weeks with her, I know why. My grandma is a sucker for my dimples!

We need to hang sometime and show these ladies what two mischief makers can REALLY do.


Scott and Stacia said...

I can't believe how quickly River is growing up. He is so cute! Sounds like you guys are quite the travelers these days. Hope all is going well!

Bickham Family said...

So I waited to comment on this post so I wouldn't cry when I saw pictures of your visit here but it didn't work. River is way cute- just ask Hannah- and I miss you like crazy!