Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Beary Special Christmas

Yes... I am that cheesy... I can't help it. It was beary special. It was River's first Christmas and it was a great one.

We saw lots of beautiful lights. Most of these are from Temple Square. We went on a freezing night with Pops and Nomee. The adults thought the cold was rough and kept diving into buildings to warm up, but River loved it. He was flapping his arms and kicking his legs and laughing the whole time. One of the pictures is of an awesome house we drove by. If you look close, you can see River liked it so much, he tried to crawl right up to the front door.

Christmas Eve was so much fun. Our friend Robert Andrus took us out to dinner. We went to Red Iguana and it was delicious. I had the Christmas Enchiladas. They were pretty much normal enchiladas, but half with red chili and half with green chili. It's a fun idea to make a dish Christmasy, if you get sick of the turkey and ham. Our friend Tye bought us the muppet hats. I have to say, River makes a pretty cute Kermit. When we got home, we did our best to act out the Christmas story... and by act out I mean... I made everyone deal with the outfits until I got a halfway decent picture. Everyone, except for Noodle, who flat out refused to dress like a sheep. Then we changed River into the traditional Christmas Eve pajamas and put him to bed. I say traditional in an attempt to remind myself to do it again next year, thereby making it a tradition. We'll see.

River with all the loot on Christmas morning. Bear and I only gave him three presents, to represent the presents the wise men gave Jesus. However, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends and Grandparents showered him with gifts and he made out like a bandit. You can see from the picture, despite the gifts, the wii remote is getting all the love. Ya just can't win with babies.

These are more pictures from Christmas morning. I personally love him holding Kiss Kiss, as if to say, "Don't worry. I won't forget about you." Noodle even got in on the action. Everyone had a fun time. It took River a minute to get the hang of opening the presents, but once I had opened a few, he got really into the paper shredding... not so much taking the paper off the presents, as shredding the paper that was already on the ground, but as long as he was having fun. We spent Christmas night with our friends Aaron and Diane, who had prepared an awesome dinner. We do miss being with our families on Christmas, but we are never lonely and we are always fed well. We have great friends and that is the best present of all.

As Porky Pig would say, "That's all folks." We hope your Christmas was merry and bright!


IrisLillie said...

Wish I was there......

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

Christmas pajama traditions are a must! Though, I hope he isn't expected to wear the same jammies each year. I think it'll be a tight fit by next December. :)

Also, I totally love those Sesame Street hats. Awesome colors and adorable.

Scott and Stacia said...

The hats are the greatest thing I have ever seen. I have to say I love the nativity picture. You guys are so great! Can't wait to see you in the Spring.

Jen said...

LOVE the muppet hats!! And River is a DANG cute Kermit. We do the three gifts thing too. One of the few traditions that we stick to every year. But the same thing happens - grandparents, friends, aunts & uncles... Glad it was such a merry Christmas!!!